Impregnate Me

Impregnation phone sex

Being in my early twenties seems to be a constant reminder that men are driven to reproduce. Such an increased curiosity about when I’m going to get pregnant even daddy has hinted at my breed ability a few times while being between my legs. It’s starting to really get me wet the more I think about being bred. The possibility of having my breast become bigger and swollen, my tiny belly swelling up like a watermelon with life inside of it. Maybe I’m ready to be a mom, or perhaps I love the thought of all the sex with older men I would be having trying to become one. I’ve gotten a lot of offers from a lot of daddies’ friends about letting them breed me. A few that want to let me get pregnant by them again and again. They want a breeding bitch, and some of the offers really are appealing. Spread my legs and take the baby-batter in me and get spoiled non-stop. Should really consider the possibilities while I’m still in my prime, right?

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