Your Mistress awaits

Mistress phone sex Lillian

These juicy jugs won’t suck themselves- I don’t need to hear about who you have at home, or how worried she is- Just fuck me. Ahahah tell me how much my pussy makes you feel good as you moan and groan all those pleasures you seek are satisfied in my bed. Better yet- you can bend me right over the counter and slip my panties to the side. Make me your filthy little harlot as we both so eagerly desire babe, fill me balls deep as your grip my neck tight. Every hole I have needs to be filled and stretched until you feel my cunts juices dripping over your balls as you’re cum slides down my inner thighs hehehe. I’m the kind of milf you share with your son and your friends, I have no limits and never wish too. Every moment a session is done I simply need some water and a few quick moments before I crave to be filled with cocks again. So babe- nothing is ever too much for me, I’m not vanilla like these other bitches.

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