Teacher’s Pet

College girls phone sexOf course I’m curious about the joys of higher education so I did enroll in a couple of courses. Being stuck at home doing online learning most of the time though hasn’t been fun…until recently. I got an email from one of my professors, informing me that my attire has occasionally been distracting. Clever girl that I am, decided to ask him for a little video conference to discuss our predicament. Of course I decided to wear this cute new naughty outfit daddy bought me, it’s a black and white corset type. The white ruffles give it the look of a real naughty maid look. Matched with a black G-string and really short black skirt that hides absolutely nothing when I bend over. Put a bit of make-up on and waited for his video call. He was flustered but didn’t seem upset, in fact he seemed rather happy at my attire. As he began to explain my attire of wearing just a t-shirt and panties while walking around my room can be distracting to the others on our calls, was when I started to touch myself. Biting my lip and making it very obvious what I was doing. He wasn’t being on his best behavior either, I can tell his left hand was stroking away at his cock out of sight. How quickly the little problem seems to be resolved with the suggestion that I start some one on one classes with just me and him. So I could wear whatever I wanted or didn’t want to wear. Since I was such a promising student and his favorite. Of course he said all these things while I was taking off my top, and showing him what my fingers were doing under my skirt. Our quick 5 minute chat turned into over an hour of me playing with my holes for his viewing pleasure. Not sure why other girls stress about college so much, it’s so easy to get a good grade being the teacher’s naughty pet.

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