Helping Daddy Destress

Daddy phone sex

When Daddy isn’t happy, things can get a little tense at home. I was visiting for the weekend from school and could tell Daddy was super stressed. He went to shut himself away in his office, and I knew he needed a release. Probably didn’t help my mom was off on a vacation away so he didn’t have her fiery pussy around to help him. So it was up to me. I slide off my jean shorts and walked into his office in just my little purple thong and red tank top. Daddy started to protest but when he looked up to see what I was coming in for he immediately just grinned. 

He pushed himself away from the desk to swivel his chair to face me as I got close. Like the good daddy’s girl that I am, I dropped to my knees. Working his hard cock out, and stroking it while I tongued the sides of Daddy’s throbbing shaft. I could feel the tension already starting to fall away. The more and more I worked Daddy’s cock into my mouth, slurping and sucking. His hand comes down to guide my head just the way he likes it. “Good girl” he let out a sigh of relief as he nutted down the back of my throat. 

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