Little Girl Shower Pic Sessions

Little girl phone sex


I’ve been talking to guys who love little girl phone sex since I was, well, a little girl!  I learned at an early age that I could use my body to get what I want out of men and I’ve lived my entire life around that very fact.  Must be something to it, I got money in the bank, gas in the tank and cock in my stank on the reg, y’all!

It hit me one day when I caught my second foster dad stroking his schlong while he watched me change and take a shower.  I had the water running and was stripping out of my jean shorts when I noticed him peeking through the cracked open door in the mirror.  I didn’t react, I just kept peeling out of my panties and hopped into the tub.  I figured the veil of the shower curtain would ruin his fun and he would go away, but when I got done rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and opened my eyes, there he was peering at me through the open part of the curtain at the back of the shower with his big daddy dick in his hand.

I didn’t get it, my tits were barely as big as ant hills and my hourglass figure was definitely not in full effect yet.  Why wasn’t he creeping on one of the older girls with juicy jugs and heart shaped asses?  I was stooped.  Was he going to try to have sex with me?  There was no way my hairless little twat would be able to take his fat fatherly fuckstick, why would he even want to try?  He gave me a quick answer to that.

While I soaped myself up and wondered what he was about to do, he pulled out his old camera and started taking pictures of me getting all cleaned up.  When he didn’t like my position, he would tell me where to put my arms and legs so he could get the sexiest shots.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, of course, but the more pictures he took, the more into it I got.  I kept modeling for him as he snapped away, talking the whole time about how those Polaroids were going to fetch him a pretty penny.  

When he was out of film, he pulled off all of his clothes and got into the shower with me, hands first.  He ran his big gorilla paws all over my thin little body, mashing and mulling my soft skin when he got to my extra fleshy parts.  I have to admit, he knew what he was doing.  It was as though he had plenty of experience in dealing with virgin vagina and barely used beaves.  He made me feel safe and got my snatch really slimy before he even slid one of his fat fingers into me.  He kept that digit buried deep in my dick pocket and lightly stroked my clit with his thumb until I came in his hands.

From then on, my showers were rarely taken by my lonesome and there was almost always a camera present to document my cum filled cleansing sessions.  It was usually around when I was pissing or taking a shit, too.  After a while, I started signing them for the guys who bought them.  If they paid enough, I even invited them over for a little shower of their own.  Pussy really is a powerful thing! 


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