I see you, Baby. You’re feeling restless, trapped in your boring little life doing the same shit day in and out, just slogging along waiting for something to shake up your meager existence. Honey, I’ve been shaking things up since I was knee high to a grasshopper, let me give your life the kick in the ass it needs!
My mama always used to have more than her fair share of bored boyfriends around for me to entertain when she was being a nagging ass overbearing bitch. You know they loved having my hot little twat around to play with and distract them from her boring ass bullshit. Ever since then being a fun slut that men enjoy spending time with has just stuck with me.
If your wife or girlfriend are dragging you down and holding out on you, then you just come see me, Babe, and I promise to make you feel good in every single way imaginable. I love to have fun and make horny men happy, I’ll save the complaining for all the dumb cunts who don’t know just how good they have it. I’m just a warm hearted, big tittied, good time girl who wants to spend some quality time making you feel like a real man when your main woman isn’t putting out. Is there anything wrong with that?
Like down and dirty? Me too! Want some sweaty, post fuck cuddles and a willing, sympathetic ear on the pillow right next to you? That’s me too, Darlin’. The feeling of being safe in bed wrapped in a big ol’ pair of arms while my cooch oozes love juice into the sheets is indescribable.
I’m the perfect girl to catch every mistreated man up and give them exactly what they deserve. I’ll be sweet, I’ll be sultry, I’ll fuck you senseless and drain your balls dry all while being the most satisfying companion you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! The best part of all about me though, is that I’m not your bitch wife.