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Try A Little Tenderness

fantasy phone sex

I know that everyone these days is about just jumping right into it and fucking, but sometimes I want something a little different. Sometimes I feel like making love and I would love it if a like-minded man would come around every so often. There’s something to be said for a long, drawn out session where you tend to each other’s every want and need. Pay attention to every single inch of your lovers body. Make sure that you take your time and give them all of the pleasure they deserve.
But before you get started with your lovemaking session, you should set the scene. Ask your partner what she likes and make it happen for her. I personally like some really nice mood lighting, soft romantic music playing, and a little bit of dessert before we get started. Maybe some chocolate covered strawberries or berries dipped in whipped cream. You would ask me to dance and we could kiss a little bit while we sway back and forth.
If this sounds like something you would love too, then you should call me so we could get started making love. I can’t wait to have a romantic night with you.

Dick sucking slut

Phone sex addictionMy dick sucking skills deserve a major award, I promise I will make you cry tears of joy! I really do have such a phone sex addiction, all I wanna do is cuddle up next to you while you spoon me and flex your shaft against my fat ass, I love how that shit feels! I’m a very freaky girl and it ain’t no thing for me to gag on your horny cock balls deep while you skull fuck my cute face! Cum for me baby, fill my mouth up and make it overflow so that it’s creaming down my chin and dripping onto my juicy titties. Wrap your hands around my throat and choke me out a lil bit while you give it to me, baby. I’m so ready to be such a lil slut all day long, I wanna see how many dicks I can suck and try to set a new personal record for myself lol. Me personally, I always want a fat cock in my mouth so I can suck it like a lollipop! I love how hot I look when he’s shoving his manhood into my slutty mouth and I can look up at him & watch his eyes roll to the back of his head. 🙂