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Little Girl Phone Sex Mommy Let’s You Play with the Littles

It’s no secret I’m a little girl phone sex Mommy. But to be honest being a single mom is so hard. I need a dick in the house, and I’ll get it by any means necessary. I know a lot of you perverts want to be balls deep in a tight little black cunt. Well I have two little sluts ready to call you Daddy. I’ve been having guys come over to the crib to test out my little girlies. The last guy to come over had this thick white cock. And he brought over some party favors.

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Fuck the Little Girl Phone Sex Mommy and Her Cute Little Girls

My little girls aren’t shy to begin with, but give those little sluts some molly and they’re down for whatever. They looked so cute with their eyes glazed and a big white dick in their mouths. Both of my girls were showing off their cock worshipping skills. My oldest was trying to get his dick down her throat while my youngest was slurping on those balls. I was so proud of my little girls but a little girl phone sex mommy deserves some play too. I had my tongue down his throat and let him grip all on these fat tiddies and ass.

But there’s nothing like being balls deep inside a tight little black cunt. The youngest was the lucky little whore to get dicked down. She was so fucked up I don’t even think she knew what was happening. She was on her back with her legs up on his shoulders. That fat white dick barely fit in that little pussy. He had to force his cock into her cunt. Don’t think big sister was just sitting there watching. She had her tongue in that white asshole making sure his dick would shoot a fat load into her sister.

Orgy Fantasies Lit Up When Fucking Under the Fireworks

No better time for family orgy fantasies than during the holidays. Fucking under the fireworks on the 4th of July had everybody exploding. All of my family decided to come over for a bbq, but that wasn’t the only meet we were swallowing. The fun didn’t start until it started to get dark. All the adults were sipping on henny and crown royal. You know that gets niggas nasty as fuck.

Raw Incest Fucking During Family Orgy Fantasies

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I had been pushing up on my uncle all night. We got to dancing and he was rubbing all over this big booty. So, I decided to give him a rub down too. I was rubbing my hands all over his hard dick and he was getting hard as fuck. He started kissing on my neck and I just went ahead and pulled that big dick out. I haven’t tasted his cock since I was way younger, but it was just as big as I remember. I wasn’t the only one getting nasty. All the women in my family have big tits and asses. And all the men have thick black cocks.

Fireworks Were Popping and So Was Incest Pussyorgy fantasies


Between deepthroating my Uncle’s old cock, I saw my daughter getting bent over by one of her cousins. She had his cock in her pussy and her tongue in her little sister’s mouth. Liquor was pouring and we were getting freaky as fuck. I was bent over with my Uncle’s cock in my ass and my daddy slapping his cock on my face. My pussy and asshole were getting fucked raw. I could feel the cum leaking into my holes. I grabbed my oldest daughter and sat my ass on her face while she got nutted in by her grandpa. 

We could here the fireworks popping off in the distance. Some of the kids stopped fucking to go look at the neighbors setting them off. Cum was leaking out of their pussies and leaking out of their cocks. But the grown folks kept up with the dirty orgy fantasies. The last thing I remember was me and my sister on our knees with our mouths open getting covered in nut

Raceplay Fetish Phone Sex with a Cheap Phone Sex Whore

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Fetish phone sex makes white dick hard and my nigger pussy is ready for a thick nazi cock fucking the shit out of me. There’s nothing to establish white supremacy like dicking down a nasty nigger whore in her filthy asshole. You know a real black woman would never let you force that dick inside her dirty ass. But you find me walking home from work dressed like a whore. You offer me a ride home, and I’m just stupid enough to climb into the passenger seat with a fucking skin head. 

Force Your Cock in Your Fetish Phone Sex Nigger

You pull off into a dark, empty parking lot and pull out that hard white dick. Then you ask me if the monkey wants a banana. I try to get out of the car but you grab me by my weave and force that white cock into my mouth. A cheap phone sex nigger doesn’t get to say no to a white cock. My thick nigger lips suction up that cock even though I’m trying to pull my head off that cock. You pull a gun out from the back seat and tell me I’m gone let you fuck this nasty nigger asshole, or you’re going to blow brains out of my skull. 

I may be a nigger whore, but I’m not a fucking idiot. I climb into the back seat with my ass up in the air. You smack that fat nigger booty and pin me down in the back seat. It’s a tight fit for that tight asshole. But you can tell I get this asshole drilled all the time. You might hate dirty fucking niggers but that fat nigger ass feels so fucking good. My screams while you brutalize my shithole just makes the whole experience better. And the gun pushed into the back of my head means you don’t have to stop until you nut in this asshole. 

Group Sex with Two Thick Black Sluts

Freaky Group Sex With Me and My Big Bootied Friend

Freaky group sex has my pussy and ass so fucking sore. Me and my friend saw you and your homeboy at the club and I wanted a piece of that dick. We took you home with us so that we could get nasty. Me and my girl passed out glasses of henny. We’re getting drunk and dancing with each other while the two of ya’ll watch. Then she grabbed my chin to pour some liquor down my throat. Some of it spilled down my dress, so she pulled my tiddies out to lick it off. She started sucking on these chocolate nipples. I grabbed her ass through her dress and pulled her closer. 

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Dick Down Two Sluts With Big Tits and Asses

You see big tits and asses and you’re not about to get left out. You’re up behind me grabbing my tits and holding them up to her mouth. I press my ass up against that dick. You’re hard as fuck for me. You lift up my skirt and push my panties to the side. Your fingers are pushing into my cunt. But I tell you I want that dick in me instead. My home girl is already on her knees sucking on your friends cock. And watching her made my pussy so wet. I bent over the couch and told you to come fuck this pussy. 

You grab my hips and line that dick up with this pretty pussy. Your cock slides past them pussy lips and right into my cunt. You’re fucking the shit out of me. Them backshots were making my pussy so creamy. Then I see my girl’s bald shaved pussy in my face. I dive into that pussy with my tongue. I’m moaning into her pussy and you start fucking me even harder. I’m throwing it back on that dick, but I tell you not to nut yet. I want to watch you fuck my friend too. 

No Limits Phone Sex Anal with Crack Whore

No limits phone sex is easier with a slut who will do anything strange for a piece of change. You pull up to me on a street corner with this fat ass hanging out. You drove past all the other street whores to find the most cracked out slut you could find. Just looking at me you can tell I will do anything to get my next hit. I hop in your car no problem. You don’t waste time and pull out your cock. I start wrapping my nigger lips around your cock and start gagging on that dick while you drive to an alley.

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Rough Anal Fucking for a No Limits Phone Sex Whore

You park and start fucking my throat. You push my head down on your cock listening to the slutty glucking and gurgling. Then you reach your hand over to grab at this fat ass and smack it. The way it jiggles makes your dick throb in my throat. You’ve always loved fucking nigga sluts with big tits and asses. You get out of the car and come over to my side. You flip me on my stomach and lay the seat back. I bend over in the front seat with this thick ass in the air.

Your cock is covered in my spit. You spit on my asshole the same way and start cramming your cock in my asshole. I scream and try to block my asshole. It’s so much fucking tighter than you thought., You move my hand and keep forcing that thick dick in my ass. Reminding me if you don’t nut, then you’re not paying for shit. You push your cock into my ass hard. Your full body weight forcing your dick inside. And then you start fucking the shit out of me. Using this tight nigger asshole to jerk off that thick cock. You’re not going to stop fucking my ass until that hole is dripping cum.

Sucked, Fucked, and Dumped at Phone Perverts Paradise

I Used to Strip at a Phone Perverts Paradise

Phone Perverts Paradise was the name of the club I would strip at. People would come in to watch me pop my pussy and shake my ass. When you were coming into the strip club you see me in a slutty bikinin and 8 inch pleaser heels. You were staring at this fat black ass when you heard me telling my manager I needed more money or they’re going to evict me from my apartment. As soon as I’m back on the floor you grab me and ask for a private dance. 

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I bring you to the back and remind you there’s no touching. While I’m explaining the rules you try to pull out your hard dick. Then you take out a fat stack of bills. “I heard you need rent money. Get on your knees.” I’m the exact type of desperate, dirty whore that you thought. I get on my knees in front of your white dick and wrap my hands around it. You open my mouth with your thumb and force me to suck it. Then tell me to open that mouth wide. You push that salty dick in my mouth until my nose is pressed against your stomach. 

Fuck That Face and My Tight Shaved Pussy

You hold the sides of my head and lift my head. And then slam that dick to the back of my throat. Over and fucking over again until I’m gagging and choking on that dick. Fuck my face until my tits and face are covered in slober. Then you tell me to bend that ass over and spread that ass. That black cunt looks so fucking wet. You push that horny dick into that tight shaved pussy and slam that dick balls deep. You’re fucking the shit out of my pussy. You slap and squeeze this fat ass while you fuck me. Then pull out and nut all over my booty. You leave and take the cash with you. 

Bald Shaved Pussy Drives Little One Loving Cock Crazy

My Little One’s Bald Shaved Pussy is Always Teasing You

You love bald shaved pussy. And no cunt is balder than one that can’t even grow hair. You started fucking me because I had a fat ass and a nice body. But when you met my little ones you knew you had to lock it down. My daughters look and act like their slut mother. You’ve been wanting to sneak into one of their bedrooms for weeks. But I’m always around. Last night you got a call from me. I have to stay late for work and I’m desperately begging you to come over and watch the girls for the night. It’s finally your chance.

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You take my youngest and tell her it’s time for bath time. She starts to get naked in the bathroom. Her little chocolate body is making your cock hard. That bald shaved pussy is so tight and tiny. You put her in the shower and grab the soap. You scrub all over that little body. Her tiny little nipples and cute ass. Your hands start rubbing that little pussy and start massaging that little clit. She starts whining and moving away. You tell her you have to make sure she’s clean and pull out that perverted dick.

Mommy’s Away; The Little Girl Phone Sex Starts

She can’t see you stroking your cock. But she can feel your fingers pushing into her tight young pussy. Your fingers can barely slip inside that little sluts tight holes. She’s just so young. So you decide to try another one of those nigger holes. Your fingers are lubed up with soap and she’s turned around. Then you slowly push your finger inside of her ass. You feel the cum rushing up to your dick. You aim your cock at the back of her thighs and force your fingers knuckle-deep in that tight asshole. She doesn’t even notice you covering her in your sticky cum. You can’t wait for another round of little girl phone sex.

Phone Perverts Paradise is Dating a Crack Whore Mommy

Playing with my Little Ones is Your Phone Perverts Paradise

Living with a crack whore mommy who hates her kids is a phone perverts paradise. Especially if you’re a p-daddy that loves littles. I’m usually knocked out for hours after I get back from a bender. Leaving my girls all alone with you. Nothing stops you from going into my youngest’s bedroom and start getting Daddy’s favorite whore naked. You sit her on your lap facing you and the fun starts. Your hands lift up her shirt. You start rubbing and teasing her chocolate chip nipples. She knows there’s no point in screaming, so she just shuts her eyes tight and pretends like it’s not happening.

You’ve played with her so many times that she knows the routine. First, you start teasing and twisting those nipples. Then, you can suck on those tiny, chocolate tiddies. The cute little sounds that come out of her mouth make your dick twitch. You slide her back on your thighs and pull out your cock. She turns her head to look away from it. It doesn’t matter if she looks. You pull her cute little cunny up against your cock and start to rub her chocolate pussy against your dick.

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Daddy Phone Sex Pervs Love Young Black Pussy

Her wet cunt makes a mess on your dick. How could you not push it in. You lift the little one up and drop her down on that perverted dick. Fuck what I said. A phone perverts paradise is actually being inside of that tight young pussy. She covers her own mouth so that she doesn’t scream. But you can feel that tiny girls pussy gripping your dick. 

You use her body as a fleshlight. Bouncing her up and down on your dick and thrusting your cock deep in her shallow pussy. Your big white dick starts pumping your cum into that pretty pussy. You watch the white cream leaking out of that black pussy and then toss her back into her bed and close the door.

You Love Fucking Sluts with Big Tits and Asses

You Love Watching Us Play with Our Big Tits and Asses

Two ebony sluts with big tits and asses are partying at your house. We’re sipping on henny and dancing together. My lips are pressed against hers. She has her hand around my neck and her tongue down my throat. You’re watching and stroking your dick through your pants. You watch me slide my hands down to that fat ass and give it a squeeze. We look over at you and me and her get a great idea. We climb on to the couch on either side of you and start kissing all over your neck instead. Then we poured more liquor in your mouth and start stroking that dick for you.

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Fuck This Phone Sex Whore Holes

Stroking leads to pulling that hard cock out. And you know you can’t have a hard cock out infront of a phone sex whore, without the filthy slut swallowing that dick. She held my hair back while I choked on that thick cock. Then I pulled off and let her glaze that hard dick. My pussy was fucking soaking. I started stripping naked. When she slid that spit-dipped dick out of her mouth, I climbed on top so I could slide it in my pussy. 

My ass was bouncing up and down and slapping down on the thighs. She slid off the couch and crawled between your thighs. She started licking those full fucking balls. Then her hands were splitting my ass cheeks apart and she was sliding her tongue into my ass. Getting that dirty shit hole nice and lubed up. Then she pulled his cock out of my pussy and slid it inside my ass. I started riding the fuck out of that dick. Rubbing my pussy and cumming from this nasty orgy sex!

Find Your Phone Perverts Paradise in This Black Ass and Pussy

Being on My Line is a Phone Perverts Paradise

This fat ass and tiddies is a phone perverts paradise. Just look at me baby, I’m a goddess dipped in chocolate and honey. And you love stroking your cock to this big bootie and pretty tiddies. I’m going to get all oiled down and shiny. You love the way that big ass jiggles. You want that booty in your face. Put your face between my ass cheeks and start tongue fucking my asshole. Drag that tongue down to this cunt and start eating my pussy from the back too. While you’re between them cheeks, I’m go shaking my ass on that tongue.

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Fuck Your Big Booties Phone Sex Whore

Your dick gets rock hard eating that ass. And you a phone sex whore knows how to take care of a rock hard dick. Bending over and licking up that dick with my ass still in your face. Sliding your cock in my mouth and sucking your dick while you make that pussy cum all over that tongue. Since you got that asshole all slippery, I might as well put that lube to good use. Going from grinding my ass against your tongue to grinding my ass against that thick cock.

Let me slide that ass down on that fat dick. Let you watch that cock push inside that fat ass. My ass cheeks slapping against your thighs when I bury that dick in deep. You love making your slut scream. Riding up and down on that dick. Grab a hold of that ass and make that shit bounce while I ride it. Slap your hands on these fat ass cheeks. I want you to break this ass open. I’m going to tease this tight shaved pussy and make that cunt squirt. Then fuck your cum inside this nasty slut asshole.