Welcome to My Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to phone perverts paradise. What does that mean? To me it means a pervert is King or Queen. I am a pervert too. I am also a nymphomaniac. I have been using my body to seek pleasure since I was a young schoolgirl. First, I had daddy wrapped around my finger, then I had professors. Now, it is my husband. He loves me. He accepts the fact that he will never be man enough for me to be faithful. Honestly, I do not think any man ever has because my sexual appetite is as big as the ocean. This is why I am loving having my son home with me. He just got off a 10-year tour of duty in Afghanistan and he had little pussy in those years. We are making up for lost time. He has been drilling my holes for weeks now since he is home. Not just my pussy and ass either. He is enjoying his sister’s pussy and ass too. My stepsons were here for a week too, which meant I had 3 boys fucking me every which way but loose. Oh, I loved it too.  I have three holes for a reason. Might as well fill them all up at once. My daughter knows that I miss that three-hole stuffed feeling since her stepbrothers left. She had a remedy. She called up some old high school friends of hers and invited them to a party with her whore mother. These are trust fund boys benched because Princeton is on a COVID hiatus. They do not need to work, so why not fuck and party with a phone sex milf like me? Would not be the first time I fucked trust fund boys or the last. They were as happy to see me as I was them. My son never minds sharing his mommy whore either. They fucked my daughter too. I had three 20 something boys competing to be master of my pussy and ass. I fucking loved it. My daughter has a new job now. She oversees the cock department as in she is responsible for getting mommy fucked.

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