Want To Play With My Hairy Bush?

fetish phone sexSome women like to keep their pussies bald but not me, I like to keep my beaver bushy, nice and hairy for those who enjoy that kind of fetish. The more hair the better for some of you. They like to get between my beautiful legs and move through the jungle making their way to my pink clit and eventually my juicy wet hole. The hair getting caught in their tongues and teeth make them even harder. Their dicks throb with excitement at what is inside that bush. This one guy I know especially loves it. He wants me to let it grow wild, sticking out of any panties I own. He has me wear my panties with my legs spread wide with mounds of that furry beast sticking out. As he puts his hand down my pants he loves to be met with those curly coarse pubes. He gets so turned on by the unruly cunt. It is like a treasure hunt for him. He works his way to the prize, making it even hotter for him. And the smell, he loves to dig his nose deep inside my thighs and smell the aroma of my wet hairy pussy. Want to come play with my hairy cunt too baby?

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