Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseIt’s another day in my Phone perverts Paradise and I’ve been reading my loser tiny dick pet’s diary and this is what I read: “I’ve been imagining lately what it would be like to pretend to be very young again. I guess I’ve been thinking about being an adult diaper lover. I’ve been thinking about all the things daddy can do to me while I’m wearing my adorable little puffy diaper. Daddy would hold me down with his big hand on my chest and run two fingers up and down my throbbing cock through the diaper. Then he’d slip his fingers under the diaper along the sensitive tendon of my inner thigh until his fingertips ease into wet silky heat between my warm tight cheeks. He’d make me whimper out and beg for more making him thrust three more fingers into my pink tiny hole. I orgasm heavily against his fingers and squirt my sweet juices all over the inside of the diaper. I love cumming all over my diaper while I’m wearing it!”

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