A Blue Pill for Daddy

Fantasy Phone SexOne of my sugar daddies called wanting a weekend at his beach home. Absolutely you can count me in. This dude is a hot ass corporate type that can go for hours with the help of a blue pill. He sent some money to my Venmo account to get all the little necessities taken care of before he picked me up on Friday. In these times I had to get some at home appointments to wax my lady bits and have my nails and hair done, but anything for my sweet loaded daddy. He picked me up and we cruised in his convertible to the beach house. I handed him a blue pill and some water so he would be ready to play once we arrived. It was beautiful and I wanted to show him my appreciation for such an adventure. Daddy likes when I suck his cock, so I immediately got between his legs and took that big fat hard cock in my cock sucking lips and licked his shaft and balls before taking the entire thing into my mouth. He throat fucked my face hard and fast before unleashing his load. Like a good little girl, I swallowed it whole without any gagging. He loves that shit. His dick was of course still hard, so I climbed up on his lap and sat down slowly, taking him an inch at a time until he filled my juicy wet bald pussy. He loves to please me, so he took my tits in his mouth and nibbled on my nipples while playing with my clit with his other hand. As always, I came so fast and so hard that I could feel my juices running down my leg. Once daddy knew I was satisfied he filled my sweet cunt with his cum. As he held me, he whispered that this weekend was all about me. I sighed and smiled because I knew it would be.

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