Partying all day long

kinky phone sexI don’t know about any of you but I am spending all this time at home fucked up off my ass. If I have to be stuck here with these brats I am not going to do it sober that’s for fucking sure. I have a couple guys coming over to spend some time fucking my brats too, they are gonna bring me some party supplies. I’m running low right now so I hope they get here fast! My brats are not very happy about having to suck and fuck but who gives a fuck what they like? I only had them so that I could rent their tight lil fuckholes out so if they stop giving em up I will just sell them to the highest bidder and they can get fucked to death for all I care. They know that too so they mostly behave and do what the fuck they are told to do. Trust me, these little assholes don’t want mommy to punish them.

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