He Loves to be Dominated

Fetish Phone SexEvery once in awhile I get an email from one of the guys with nothing but a picture of a whip on it. I know what that means. He wants me to dress up like a dominatrix and make him my sweet slave for an afternoon. I find this quite fun and it makes my pussy wet thinking about all the naughty things I am going to do to him. We choose the second Friday of the month when the rest of the office leaves early. After they leave, I go to the bathroom and get dressed. Today I put on crotchless fishnets, high heels and a corset. I grabbed my whip and headed towards his office. I opened the door and told him to take off all his clothes and kneel on the floor and I would be right back. I took a few shots and took a couple of tokes to get me going. When I returned, he was completely naked and kneeling on the floor with a fucking hard on. I just laughed. I sat on the desk and spread my legs and told him to eat my juicy hairy pussy. He crawled over and stuck his tongue in the hole and started licking my clit. I grabbed his hair and rammed his head into my crotch, moving it in and out until I came. I then had him lean over the desk and I paddled that ass until it was nice and pink. He thanked me after every smack. His dick was so hard by now and pre-cum was spilling out the top. I told him I had a special surprise for him next and as he looked up the most fabulous shemale walked in the room. She whipped her dick out, smacked him in the face a few times with it and them rammed it down his throat. This is going to be a great afternoon.

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