Hello, boys, your Mistress is here! When you call me we will have Hot phonesex but I am in complete charge. I am a sadistic Dominatrix bitch. Your pain, your humiliation is my fucking pleasure. And don’t you forget that. I believe all boys need to be on their knees kneeling before me. Kissing and loving on my feet. Good boys beg for my attention and my abuse. And good boys thank me when I am doing using their worthless bodies. I have plenty of toys and torture devices. I also have many hooks, ropes, chains, and cuffs to put your body in any position I desire. My kitty soaks when I am causing you pain and you beg for more pain like a good bitch boy. My kitty aches when I see the humiliation in your face. I am going to love watching big black men fuck you and tear the shit out of your pussy ass. I will use you as my personal toilet, furniture, sex slave, and punching bag. Only good boys get to lick at my sweet tasting kitty kat between my legs. Only good boys get to lick my tasty ass and worship my whole body. Only good boys get permission to cum from me.


    • Joe on July 15, 2019 at 9:33 pm
    • Reply

    Would love to be dominated by you this week. You really overwhelm me. I love pain and being made to do whatever pleased you. what day and time is good for you

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