Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseMy house the perfect Phone perverts Paradise. Mistress Blanche has lots of things planned for my pain slut. It is but the start of the demise of his dignity. I’ve already put his wimpy ass in tears. He’s hung to my wall, strapped there with metal cuffs that I have locked and thrown away the key. He watched me destroy the only copy, and he knew he was stuck, completely and utterly helpless. I laughed in his pathetic fucking face and began my torture! I attached weights to his balls. His very full balls because I had not allowed him to cum. He whined the whole time and begged for my mercy with no remorse from me. I had him right where I wanted him and planned to keep him there. It’s not like he had a choice anyway. In fact, neither did I. I think that means I get to keep him!

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