You, Me and Them

orgy fantasies

So I am just lying here touching my little wet pussy and hoping that a certain someone will call me and tell me about his orgy fantasies that involve me. I know that orgies aren’t really for everyone, but for someone like me who tends to get bored with just plain ol vanilla sex, they can really spice things up a bit. When there are multiple people with numerous sexy body parts to play with, there is no way I could lose interest. It’s always nice to know that while I’m getting pounded from behind, another cock or even a pussy can just wind up in my face.
I’ll never forget my first orgy. Of course I don’t want to tell you too many of the dirty details here because that will just ruin the fun. It’ll be a lot better if you call me and let me tell you in my sexy voice all of the nasty things I did that day. I don’t think you could ever ask for a better orgy partner than me because I have absolutely no limits. I will do anything to meet your need. I just want to please you while meeting both of our kinky sexual needs. I look forward to sharing some sexy women with you.

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