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Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseIt’s another day in my Phone perverts Paradise and I’ve been reading my loser tiny dick pet’s diary and this is what I read: “I’ve been imagining lately what it would be like to pretend to be very young again. I guess I’ve been thinking about being an adult diaper lover. I’ve been thinking about all the things daddy can do to me while I’m wearing my adorable little puffy diaper. Daddy would hold me down with his big hand on my chest and run two fingers up and down my throbbing cock through the diaper. Then he’d slip his fingers under the diaper along the sensitive tendon of my inner thigh until his fingertips ease into wet silky heat between my warm tight cheeks. He’d make me whimper out and beg for more making him thrust three more fingers into my pink tiny hole. I orgasm heavily against his fingers and squirt my sweet juices all over the inside of the diaper. I love cumming all over my diaper while I’m wearing it!”

Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseMy house the perfect Phone perverts Paradise. Mistress Blanche has lots of things planned for my pain slut. It is but the start of the demise of his dignity. I’ve already put his wimpy ass in tears. He’s hung to my wall, strapped there with metal cuffs that I have locked and thrown away the key. He watched me destroy the only copy, and he knew he was stuck, completely and utterly helpless. I laughed in his pathetic fucking face and began my torture! I attached weights to his balls. His very full balls because I had not allowed him to cum. He whined the whole time and begged for my mercy with no remorse from me. I had him right where I wanted him and planned to keep him there. It’s not like he had a choice anyway. In fact, neither did I. I think that means I get to keep him!

Kinky Phone Sex

kinky Phone SexI am feeling particularly vicious today. I am thinking that today is going to be all about pain. My slaves are locked away, ready to be chosen. They don’t care if they are being punished, tortured or used they only crave attention. Not just any attention. They need it from me, their one and only Mistress. I’ve gotten them all totally addicted and devoted to me. They literally worship the ground I walk on, as they should. I love to make them my pain slut to get out my anger. I used a belt on one of my slaves last night, he was black and blue when I was done with him and I still didn’t let him cum. I told him his balls should match his body and he should have some blue balls. He was not happy! And there is no way to access his cock, it’s locked up just like him. I am excited to bring him back today for more of my favorite pastime.

Phone sex humiliation

Silly Sissy, you are nothing to me, you are just a fake little loser that has come to me for your comforting and Phone sex humiliation because you need a Mistress like me in your life. I deal with wanna-be men like you all the time. Even in my daily life, with your fancy cars or big trucks, always trying to take away on what a pathetic piece of shit you are. But you know you can be your loser self with me, you know I’ll treat you just like you wanted. I even picked out an outfit for you already collarPhone sex humiliation included. So everyone can know you’re my bitch! Clip that collar on and I’ll attach the leash, walking around main street like you’re my special pup. Everyone is laughing your whole pathetic ass being exposed with a big huge sign screaming Fuck me I’m a sissy fag! And who could pass that up? It’s not like you have a choice, you’re my slave now.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex “Bow down to your Mistress, get down where you belong!” I order my new slave, my new little pet, my pain slut for Mistress phone sex. He does as he is told with no objections, he will do very well the better he follows my commands. I don’t tolerate backtalk. I might even take your tongue for it and we don’t want that now do we? The poor pathetic ‘man’ shivers at my feet waiting to hear what I have to say. He will do anything for me, and I am dying to see just how much he will do. “Entertain me, clean the floor with your tongue, spotless.” He does as he is told as I prepare the next command. ”Now it’s time to hurt you with my riding crop, bend over and count them out loud and ask for another one each time and yes I am videotaping this!” He whined as he got his ass whipped over and over counting out loud. This was only the start of my pain plan. My sweet stupid slave is going to remember today, no worries about that. He will soon have a brand and all.

Hot Phonesex

Hot PhonesexI am the dominatrix that brings the Hot Phonesex of your dreams. I am always in charge when we talk, don’t dare to question my authority. I will continue to get off on humiliating you relentlessly loving every second of your pain, agony, and torture. You will worship me, kneel on the ground before me and submit to me in every way. You’ll be begging and whimpering below me. Begging for your dominatrix to abuse you, humiliate you. Hell, you’ll do anything for a little attention from me! But don’t worry it’s not just me you need to be worried about. You know I have lots and lots of big black cocks to stuff your holes. Your mouth and ass are open for a hardcore fucking, and there’s nothing you can do about it. My cunt drips as I watch you be humiliated and fucked like never before. This is my domain and we will always do what I want to do. I’m sure you understand, Mistress has spoken.

Phone sex humiliation

Phone sex humiliation“Get on your knees bitch, worship the fucking ground I walk on.” The pathetic wanna be men all fall to the ground, kissing the dirt, doing just as they are told. I smile down on them, this is beyond pleasing to have them be put into their places. I find extreme satisfaction in the pain and prepping it takes to truly break a man. You can’t fool me, I see right through you and I am going to expose you for who you really are. You thought that you might be getting a little bit of roleplaying where I would order you around and you get to be only a little submissive! Ha! Joke’s on you pathetic wimpy cuck. You can be whatever I want you to be, a sissy, a toilet, a breeding fuck for my nigger cocks I keep around. All the things I can do to you to make you cry and scream. What will it be today? I am going to turn you into the person you really are today.

Cheap Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex“Little fucking bitch boy!” I scream and dig my heel into his hands that are on the floor. He screams and wails but dares not to pull away from me as I dig in deep. “I fucking told you don’t ever touch my closet. Don’t ever try on my underwear without me and my goodness don’t fucking put your filthy unmanicured hands on my sparkling floor again!” With this I storm off, leaving him with his own personal punishment. In went two of my biggest bulls, they were going to fucking destroy him. I have no use for a dumb fucking sissy bitch that can’t clean my room and bathroom properly. If you are a sneaky little bitch you know a queen like me will find out! Now that pathetic excuse of a human is literally getting fucked to death after I just broke his hand with my pointy fucking heels.

Hot Phonesex

Hot PhonesexDo you want to know what turned me into the woman I am today? My Mother. I grew up watching her do the things I do today, being a sadistic dominatrix. I watched her bring men home and humiliate them, torture them, take complete charge. Something I do that my mother always did was make them kiss my feet. They must get on their hands and knees to worship me. I noticed early on my Mommy had good boys and good boys are the ones that beg for attention and beg to be hurt. They have good manners, always saying thank you and offering their bodies up to our pain room. I learned these men are nothing but worthless bodies. Soon I was the one cumming from hurting these little bitch boys, soon it was that was using them as my slaves, punching bags, toilets and letting them watch big black men fuck this perfect premium pussy. Mommy taught me everything I know, and over the years I have learned so much more, I am 100% in control.

Diaper phone sex

Diaper phone sexLittle sweet boy do you need a Mommy for Diaper phone sex? Were you just hoping and wishing your dreams might come true and I would be the one for you? Well, I am feeling just like that today. I love to have a whiny little brat that needs to be taken care of all the time by a doting mother like myself. I know how to be caring, but stern with my little one. He is just growing so much day by day. I have my boy in a sweet little diaper, a onesie with a paci and even a bonnet. The cutest thing you’ve ever seen really! I have recently started teaching him that he can lick and suck on things other than my titty milk bags. I also have taught him all about his cock and why it grows bigger and bigger. I have been playing with it, getting to enjoy it in my hand when it’s diaper changing time. We can’t forget about what it’s like to have his ass fucked and cream in his diaper and leave him there to sit in his shame of being such a little greedy fucktoy. Mmm raising you to be a submissive boy forever.

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