Let’s Get Off Together

mutual masturbation

Sometimes it’s nice to let all the role plays and fetishes fall by the wayside and indulge in some mutual masturbation phone sex. We don’t need a bunch of intricate fantasies. All we need is you, me, and maybe some lube and sex toys. I just want to tell you what I would do to you while you stroke your throbbing, amazing cock for me. I want to hear your breathing and your moans when it starts to feel incredible. I want to hear all the pleasure you are experiencing. It might seem simple, but sometimes we forget to enjoy the simple things in life and that’s an utter shame.

You’ll get to hear my moans of pleasure during our masturbation call, too. Maybe I’ll get out my dildo and fuck myself with it while you listen. I can pretend that it’s your cock inside me. As your moans intensify and your breathing quickens, so will mine. And hopefully, we will be able to reach a very mutually satisfying orgasm at the same time. Wouldn’t that be just amazing? Call me so we can find out how good we can make each other feel. I will be waiting for you, baby.


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