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Tight shaved pussy like mine deserves a good wrecking

Tight shaved pussyA big dick always has me on my knees and showing off my tight shaved pussy, taking it deep in my asshole and making me moan. I’m a slut for big guys like you, a real naughty whore with a desire for more. Fuck me, play with me, drench me in white cream. The guy last night certainly did, he didn’t stop. I was so sore this morning, my ass gaping, my tits chafed. The cum drip seemed to last forever, I was dripping during breakfast and that just aint natural. He really did mess me up though, had me all loopy. I was walking into shit when I finally got up from my place on the floor. He didn’t even give me the time to get to my bed, he was too hungry for this black ass, too ready to plunge and thrust and leave me crazed for cock. I really hope I get to feel that guy again, his dick alone made me feel like another woman. I bet I could make a killing selling dildos of his cock, it was perfect for my naughty tush. I needed a night to remember and I got one, a morning to remember too. Messy and drippy and full of pleasant aches that’ll keep me up at night touching myself for weeks to come.

I’m a Phone sex whore and I love it!

Phone sex whorePeople really love my phone sex whore bouncy black ass. The way it can bounce on a thick cock and hit took the impact of a man’s hips with a jiggle and smack made everyone’s day a little better. I’m a firm believer in the social concept of appreciating the wiggly, squishy tush. I loved showing it off, especially by grinding down on a fat shaft that’s got a lot to learn but very little need to learn it. Getting deep inside me, stretching it out, my asshole would hurt in the morning but in the moment it felt like dreams were coming true for the both of us. A real shock to the system that continues to pay dividends for long enthusiastic moments. The moans in the air, the begging scent of sweat rolling down our bodies. I love the way a prick swells when it’s getting ready to deposit a nice hefty load inside my submissive phone sex hole. The way that prick twitches when it’s willing and about to shoot off whether I’m ready or not is orgasmic. The hazy feeling when he does let off, and I feel warmth flow through me like a glowing recommendation or praise. It reaches my cheeks, and I have to hold down a flush so he doesn’t notice just how much that moment means to me. I often fail to fully hide it and pass the encounter off as nothing but a casual event. What can I say, I love sex, and that can get embarrassing in the moment. Most sluts either secretly hate themselves or hate the men, I can’t get enough of the lusty moment to moment, and how they impact the next. “So much in my ass.” I groan happily, stretching out like I’m about to take a nap. I’m always glad someone found my phone sex number and decided to pump my asshole full of their cum.

Playtime with Brats and Pervs

milf phone sexMost men love my MILF phone sex because I fuck and get wet like a young teen slut. I age like fine wine so a lot of freaks don’t know that I have a few rugrats running around the playhouse! I know it’s hard to look past this fat black ass and not want to sink your teeth into it but mommy wants you to molest her littles. Why don’t you give one of my littles a cock to suck on? These little bitches are expensive and time-consuming so of course, I’m going to get my money’s worth. Obviously, it cost extra to cream pie and force fuck a young one but that doesn’t stop my pervs from accepting the invite to break them in. My youngest has never had a cock in her ass before and I really want someone to hold her down. You and your buddy can take turns assaulting her tiny little shit box. I don’t care if she cries for mommy and begs for mercy! Slam in her crybaby ass until cherry juice is covering your meat. My little already knows that company leaves clean. I hope she likes bloody Mary’s because her ass juice and blood will be sucked off until your pre-cum turns into a full-blown load! While you shoot your load into her face I’ll be getting my strap on ready to stretch her some more. Mommy loves playtime with her brats and perverts.

P Daddy Punishment

little girl phone sex

Just because I watch you fuck them doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re p- pervert. You know what the “P” stands for, don’t you? Don’t play fucking dumb! I bet a few whips on that pasty white ass will remind you! The rug rat porn on your laptop and your constant need to jerk off to people having sex with little girls lets me know you’ve earned this Scarlet P. While your hands are tied behind your head I’m going to use red lipstick to smear the word “Pervert” across your hairy bird chest. Let’s get some on those dick suckers too. Since are you still there with your little shrimp dick bubbling and throbbing for more humiliation I’m going to make you recite the P daddy pledge.

“I’m a little pervert. My cock is too. I fuck little girls because I could never fuck you!”

You’re going to sing it over and for my amusement while you stroke your pathetic white dick. A scumbag like you doesn’t deserve to touch this beautiful ebony pussy! Plus, that dick is far shrimp sized for a bad bitch’s liking. No wonder you like litte girl phone sex with barely legal honey pot! Just the thought of those little brats laying there with their bald pink cunnies spread open makes your beer can drip,doesn’t. I’m not even going to start on how excited you get when a little boy’s cock is thrusting in and out of your pervy gullet. Fucking gross. Keep singing! Louder! Each lash from my tasseled whip is going to feel like fire spreading across your back. Your punishment has just begun.

Ball Busting Bitch

phone sex hotline
I have so many little dick losers calling my phone sex hotline begging me to crush their grapes and make them sip the juice like wine. In other words, these motherfuckers want me to step on their balls with my 6-inch stilettos. I do not mind giving a moron what he wants so of course I always give them what they want. If you want to get your cherries squashed I am more than happy to bear down on them with the pads of my feet. My long toenails will dig into your hairy scrotum as you scream out in pain. Don’t make too much noise because this is what you asked for! Instead of crying like a little bitch why don’t you thank me for even wasting my time toying with those pathetic little nuts

Phone Sex Granny Taught Me How to Hoe

phone sex grannyMy phone sex granny is the hottest! She watched me play with my cunt for the first time and taught me all the patterns to drive myself crazy. When I got old enough to use what I got to get what I want she also taught me how to be a money snatching hoe! Grandma spent most of her time as a street dwelling prostitute until that old pussy got used up. Then, she decided to gather up her own girls and become the Madame of a big house. That’s where me and my homegirls stay and turn tricks. Its nice to have a seasoned pervert pleaser to pass down all of her cock sucking tips and tricks.

Some guys even want granny with us while we fuck! Her salt and pepper pussy makes the pervs go wild!  When they see her old perky tits it’s hard for them to keep from blowing. Granny still got it and knows how to work her gilf pussy!

Porn for Masturbation From Mistress

porn for masturbation

You don’t always have to come to see me in order to get your load off. I know you love coming to the Playhouse and getting your back blown out but sometimes it’s nice to give that man pussy a break. I don’t want to blow your asshole completely out before I get all my use out of you. Today, i’m going to be nice and send you some porn for masturbation. I think you will thoroughly enjoy watching mistress get her tight black cunt stretched on your flatscreen. When you’re all alone nothing can stop you from massaging your clit to my kinky homemade porn. Don’t l look so sexy with a big black cock stretching me out? It’s okay if you want to cum. You have my permission to stroke that perverted little cock until you squirt all over your panties!

Do you Want this Playhouse Pussy?

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I am about to slut you out and make you my cum eating boy toy. You have a defend size cock that could potentially fill my perverted pussy. What I want to know is: how far are you willing to go to get it? Are you willing to do all the kinky things I tell you to do!

If you want this luscious cunt you’re going to have to work for it like the rest of my Playmates. That’s what I call all my inferior fuck meat. Giggles. Don’t act so surprised as if you’re the only loser I give this coochie to! As a matter of fact, the first task I will assign you is to clean out my last loser’s mess. While feeding you my cunt you’re going to lap up all the special sauce I’ve left in there for you. Aren’t I so kind to you? The fresh steaming load of cum in my pussy came from the biggest black bull I’ve ever met! We hit it off while I was at the mall and I decided to let him was it the last time you seen a tremendous black cock going in and out of a phone sex whore? It’s OK, you have my permission to jerk off while he fucks the shit out of me. I know I will be fighting the urge to cum. You better not or no Playhouse Pussy for you! Haha! love the look on your face as you squeeze and tug on your beer can and take a dick in the ass.

Let’s see how much you’re willing to take for a little bit of this blackberry pie!

Ass Worship

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Get over here and worship my ass! I see you over there eyballing at my big black buns while you jerk away at your puny white dick. If you’re going to take pleasure in looking at me you’re going to do it my way! I keep my piggy pets chained in the front yard wearing thigh-high fishnets and purple animal print panties. I want all my neighbors to see how well trained my sluts are! You’ll be on your hands and knees until Goddess comes and fetches you. Why the long face? You belong on the ground with your worthless ass in the air like a twink. The heel of my stiletto is bigger than that measly little pecker. Come suck it. Do you see how it spreads your dick sucking lips apart? Your tired little wee wee could never! Haha! Keep sucking until I’m ready to sit my sweaty black ass on your face. That’s right, I’ve been strutting my stuff all fucking night and now I need a slut bath. That’s when you use your pink wet tongue to lick me completely clean. Do you smell that sweat on  body? You’re a lucky little white boy, aren’t you? You get to be smothered by this ass while licking between the crack! So many other losers want to worship me and yet, I chose you. I want to hear how grateful you are when I lift my ass off your face. The only air you can get is to worship me!

Pay Piggy Blackmail

discreet phone sex

Discreet phone sex is my specialty but you know it comes with a price, right? You should know by now that the only way to keep your kinky secrects safe is to keep your kinky mistress happy! There are so many men that would kill to plant their kissers on my perky tits while I glide my sopping wet twat up and down their cock so play your cards right mother fucker! Wouldnt you hate to lose your sweet chocolate treat to a baller that knows how to treat a temptress? Well then, make it your mission you keep me paid and full!

If you don’t, I’ll tell everybody all of the nasty perverted shit that you stroke your little  white cock to. It’s already bad enough that you love for barely legal sluts with bald cunnies to laugh and giggle while you jerk off. Their high-pitched shrills make your little man drip. What about your bouts of ABDL? Your wife would be devastated to find out her baby dick husband likes to go poopie in his diaper and have slutty black bitches give him a change. Thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your deviant ass! Don’t make matters worse by getting blackmailed and exposed. Just be a good little pay piggy and Send me all of the things that you know I like. You look like you could go for a drain.