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Secrets Of A Private Dancer

Anal phone sex The most scandelous things happen at private parties. Back when I was a stripper in Atlanta we would get invited to entertain at after parties and that’s where all the wild sex escapades began. I was at a bachelor party and was advised to only dance for the groom since he was get married but he was drunk and it was clear he wanted to fuck. So I took him back to one of the rooms at the hotel party. He was very excited and watched me do a sexy dance for him while I stripped down naked. Then he had me suck on his big cock. It was such a naughty and empowering feeling to seduce the groom. So I allowed him to bend me over and fuck me real good in that hotel bed. His friends found what room he was in and they where peeking through the door on us. I think they were getting aroused watching me fuck him. I love being the center of attention.

Hot Sex With Jolie

Anal phone sex So you want another chance to be the man who takes me home tonight. We had stopped fucking for awhile but I knew you were missing me. I remember you said things were not going well between you and your girlfriend. The sex just wasn’t satisfying you. But when you fuck me its like you remember what it feels like to make love all over again. Hot body and full of energy. I’m quite the competition to any girl that you try to get with after me. They all seem dry and boring after you fuck with the best. This tight wet pussy is all you’ve been thinking about and can’t take it anymore. So you give in and beg for another chance. I decide to let you come over and pound me real good with that big cock. I want you to fuck me so hard my legs feel like thier numb. We can go all night with no interruptions.

Let’s Get Freaky Tonight

adult phone chat I am never satisfied with fucking one man. I want to feel two or more in my holes I one night. I look for swingers or girls with a willing male participant. We all get a hotel together and get very nasty. I’m gonna let one fuck me in the ass while I suck another man’s cock. Guys cum so much faster when their watching another man fuck you. It turns them on to watch you being a nasty whore. And there’s nothing I like more than being the pass around bitch. They talk about me all over town. Say I’m the most promiscuous girl in town. That’s right, and watch yourself or I might fuck your mans. Definitely not vanilla when it comes to sex. I enjoy everything from pegging to domination. I look so good in latex. And I bet you look hot all bound and gagged. I’m naturally dominating but the right man can bring out the submissive in me.

I’ve Been Waiting For You

anal phone sex It’s so sexy to hook up with someone unexpected. You had been eyeing my ad on the escort website. So you called me to come to your house to fuck. I got done up real sexy and headed out into the night. You opened the door and let me in. I had on a long coat but I opened it up and let it fall to the floor. I was standing on front of you in sexy lingerie. Slowly I stripped down naked for you and let you run your hands all over my firm body. You pulled me in close to you and whispered that you could wait to fuck me crazy. You bent me over the couch and put your cock deep inside of me. I started moaning like crazy. Don’t stop I moaned. Keep going deeper. You love how tight and wet my pussy feels. I know that I can fuck you better than any girl you ever met.

Jolies A Bad Habit

­anal phone sex Having dreams about me aren’t you? I know I put it on you like no other girl has done before. This pussy is your new obsession. I know that men like the way I suck and fuck them til they go crazy over me. And I keep a low profile so no worries about your wife or girlfriend finding out. We can just hook up whenever we feel horny. I know that your sex life was boring with her but with me you will learn some new things. Have you ever had your dick sucked from the back. Well I bet it would send you into orgasmic rapture. Come back to my place and I’ll show you how a bad bitch pops her pussy for a real one. I want to be what you always needed in a side chick. You might never have anything left to drain once I’m done making you blow your load all over my face. 💦

Jolie Wants It Bad

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 Two guys with big long dicks fucking me is my ultimate sex fantasy. I want both of them at the same time. I have a boyfreind but my ex keeps sending me text messages. He wants to fuck me still. I try to tell him Im already taken but he knows how to convince me back into his bed. I dont want to keep it from my boyfreind anymore. In fact I want to see if there down to both fuck me at the same time. You know your that bitch if you can score a threesome with two dudes. I told my boyfreind it would help our relationship if we had threesomes. Somehow I got him to go for it. We let my ex come over to fuck. He wanted to fuck me from behind so I spread my cheeks open for him while my boyfreind put his cock in my mouth. We were getting so turned on by having an extra person with us. I love it when they both cum on my face at the same time.

Jolie Makes Her Debut

anal phone sex I am such a freaky bitch. I have been known to have threesomes with guys and girls. one particular evening I had my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend in my bedroom. I wanted to dominate them both. I’m glad I brought my handcuffs and the strap on. I was coaching them in the bed getting off while they were fucking each other then I instructed her to eat my pussy while I was sucking his dick. we were all getting really turned on and me and his girlfriend’s pussy was getting wet at the thought of us all fucking together in the bed. I want to always keep in touch with my exes and let them know that they need to be careful because I can fuck their girlfriend just as good as they can and if they don’t watch out I might steal her from them.