P Daddy Punishment

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Just because I watch you fuck them doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re p- pervert. You know what the “P” stands for, don’t you? Don’t play fucking dumb! I bet a few whips on that pasty white ass will remind you! The rug rat porn on your laptop and your constant need to jerk off to people having sex with little girls lets me know you’ve earned this Scarlet P. While your hands are tied behind your head I’m going to use red lipstick to smear the word “Pervert” across your hairy bird chest. Let’s get some on those dick suckers too. Since are you still there with your little shrimp dick bubbling and throbbing for more humiliation I’m going to make you recite the P daddy pledge.

“I’m a little pervert. My cock is too. I fuck little girls because I could never fuck you!”

You’re going to sing it over and for my amusement while you stroke your pathetic white dick. A scumbag like you doesn’t deserve to touch this beautiful ebony pussy! Plus, that dick is far shrimp sized for a bad bitch’s liking. No wonder you like litte girl phone sex with barely legal honey pot! Just the thought of those little brats laying there with their bald pink cunnies spread open makes your beer can drip,doesn’t. I’m not even going to start on how excited you get when a little boy’s cock is thrusting in and out of your pervy gullet. Fucking gross. Keep singing! Louder! Each lash from my tasseled whip is going to feel like fire spreading across your back. Your punishment has just begun.

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