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Bald shaved pussy, just as smooth and soft as my mini-me’s

Bald shaved pussyIn a Phone perverts Paradise, everything goes! I have no limits and enjoy everything that has to do with sex… Sex is endless and I love exploring the depths. The nastier the better! When I have a pervert in my ear with a fully lubed cock it makes me soaking wet.. Especially when you start going into detail about what it is that has got you to that point. Most perverts have their eyes on my mini-mes whenever they call… They know that this Asian cunt has bred a few gooks and every last one of them were created to be a good slave slut for a superior white man. I was imported to America, I was adopted by a gay couple. Well, so to speak..

They love milking one another’s prostate and yes it’s true they aren’t into women, well that’s because they prefer slender, boobless, and naturally bald slits to pleasure their sissy p-cocks.

My Tight shaved pussy has been being used since I was a small slut! I used to be the perfect height for blowjobs… I didn’t even have to get on my knees. I would stand up against the wall and clean their costs of anal juices when they got through fucking. They would even have me finger my hairless cunnie while watching them penetrate one another. They were both bottoms and neither one of them were fem.

It was so hot to be dominated by two muscular men who had a secret life. As I grew older I started to explore my options.. Which was how I wound up pregnant. When they found out, they were excited to be adding a new addition to the family and not having to play jeopardy trying to find one. My Bald shaved pussy gets sopping wet when watching them take turns with my crotch goblins.

Shaved wet pussy filled with sperm needs you to cum cleanup!

Tight shaved pussyMy Bald shaved pussy is leaking cum I need a cuck to come and get me cleaned up. This pussy isn’t going to clean itself perv and if you do a good job at a cum cleanup… I might just take your dick out of that cock cage and let you force your way into my tight booty-hole. My kisser has been puckering all morning begging to be pleasured… But, I thought I would keep her nice and tight just for you. My pussy has been used by multiple different men today, I even took pictures and videos so that I can share them with you.

I want you to watch me get fucked bareback while I stir the cum inside of my Tight shaved pussy..

I am going to whip it so it can be nice and creamy for you. While you are going through my photo album, I will be down on my knees licking your cock through the cage. I want your balls swelling, nearly blue before I relieve you. I even have my 8-inch dildo with me so I can plunge my cunt and scoop out as much cum as I can with it. It’ll be used as a lubricant for me to slip inside of your mangina. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about how impressed you are going to be when you see that I behaved like the total slut, I am even while wearing my wedding ring. 

I can’t wait to see your lips covered in froth from my cum filled cunt.

It’s going to taste soo good off your cock, my pussy is all worn, come dive into my overflowing creamy cunt while we have the Hottest phone sex.

Discreet phone sex sluts available w no limits at ur leisure

Discreet phone sexWhile I am waiting I watch Porn for masturbation; I can’t wait to start my day every day as a phone whore. I am always so eager to get my pussy stretched! I enjoy a man who calls me up and knows exactly what he wants! It gets my pussy even wetter knowing that your cock is already in the palm of your hand and that you’ve been patiently waiting just for me, to relieve you. I like intense sex, a mind fuck; the kind that sends me over the edge just by hearing you breathe heavily.

Make sure your cock is fully lubed and you’ve got a firm grip on him so he can feel just as wet and tight as my Bald shaved pussy.

I bring a razor to my twat daily to keep my pussy baby-soft.

I love the feeling of my fingers gliding through my smooth pussy lips as I prepare my cunt to take on my biggest dildo. Surprisingly my tiny little pussy can easily take an 8-inch cock with ease. I have been watching a black man stroke his cock and thinking about all the things I would do to him. My parents could never know that I am into black men or they would disown me.. just like they could never know that I have an addiction to sex and I dropped out of college because of it. When I found that I could offer Discreet phone sex services lowering the chance of anyone ever finding out.. I opted in to fuck myself daily with a phone pervert rather than continue my life as an escort.

Discreet phone sex with a slut that has absolutely no limits

Discreet phone sex My Tight shaved pussy is ready to be barebacked by your white cock! It was always a dream of mine to come to America and be a Slave slut for a superior white man. I came to America when I was a lot younger, a guy purchased me off the black market and had me imported. Him and his wife would have me walk around completely naked, they never bought me any clothing! I miss sitting on my adoption dads lap and feeling his cock bulge against my tight little ass.

The first time he ever introduced me to his cock was in the shower. He would have me lather his cock in soap and stroke it, he would call it cleaning.

Eventually he started watching Porn for masturbation during tubby time he would have me jerk his cock while he watched whatever hot porn he was in the mood for. I remember the day he pushed my hair behind me ear, swiped his finger across my soapy lips and told me to drop my jaw. He stood up and slid his hard cock right into the back of my throat. I got this feeling in my chest, my young bald pussy lips quivered while he took his time slowly gliding his cock in and out of my tiny little mouth. His wife walked in and joined us, she had me suck her pussy while he fucked my tight asshole doggystyle.

I’m hoping to come across a man who is willing to groom my crotch goblin while having Discreet phone sex.

Kinky Phone Sex Chink lookn to b a Superior White Mans Whore

Kinky Phone Sex I want to be A White Man’s Whore!! Bury your dick deep inside of my yellow pussy. Breed me, Sir, honor my Oriental Tight shaved pussy with your superior creamy load.  Cum deep inside of my Asian pussy! I am so wet and horny; I am in need of being fucked hard and used for your own personal pleasure. My pussy has been pulsating all morning, sensitive to the touch, even the seams of my thong rubbing up against my clitoris isn’t helping. I am getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

After lubing your cock up using the juices of my oriental cunt, slide your cock inside of my asshole. Jerk your dick off inside of my tight Asian ass until you shoot your Biggest cum shot. I am such a Kinky Phone Sex freak and I am in one of my erotic roleplaying moods. I would love to play the role of a slut from one of your hottest fantasies that you finally get to put your cock inside of…

Who might that be pervert? Me. Call me by her name, force me to my knees… Forcefully fuck me or ask that I give in with ease.. whatever it takes to get your dick off is right here with me. Come and take my known for its tightness, Asian cunt and wrap it around your cock.  I promise to make you cum the hardest you have ever cum… I am not being cocky, I can prove it if your let me. Phone sex porn star, is how you can define me…………………..Sensational. 

Phone sex whore uses dildo filled with fake cum to phonefuck

Phone sex whore My Bald shaved pussy needs something hot and creamy.. hehe, I have my pink dildo filled with fake lube stretching the walls of my oriental cunt. But, I just can’t help but want the real deal! Or at least to have a horny man join me, to degrade me and tell me when to release load after load packed in this tube into my cunt.

I have a boyfriend who says that I want too much sex… I only have sex with him 5 times in one day which isn’t much my girlfriend told me she has gone 7 so it’s not like I have broken a record. He knows that I am a Phone sex whore and is okay with it, he doesn’t mind that I rub on my pussy all day with perverts as long as nobody touches me. He makes a joke about being a “Courtesan” lol an upscale whore.

I find it so hot that so many married men call me and want me to fulfill the dirtiest of fantasies. Your wives have no idea how much of a pervert you are… I am sure they have seen you glance here and there but don’t know the depths of how dirty those thoughts of yours get. Plus with all the dirty things we talk about it’s kept me pretty busy self-pleasing. My boyfriend finally gets to rest since I am all worn out after drilling my cunt for all of you pervs in a Phone perverts Paradise.

Bald shaved pussy kept silky smooth as if it were authentic

Bald shaved pussyI witnessed a guy stroking his cock on a park bench today. I had brought my nieces to the playground to cool off in the sprinklers.  I decided to pretend I was a bratty lollita myself, to get him back to my house to take advantage of his hard pervy cock.. As soon as we got back I showed him my fully prepped Bald shaved pussy that he had mistaken for one that had never grown pubes before. After smothering him with my sweet hairless slit for 30 minutes. I slid my sloppy wet pussy down his throbbing cock and orgasmed to the thought of him thinking I was actually jailbait. He didn’t think twice about cumming inside of my “infertile” pussy. 

Tight shaved pussy soaking wet.. Ready to swallow your load!

Tight shaved pussyCall my Phone sex hotline if you are looking to have your throbbing cock milked. I have no limits and enjoy exploring the depths of your darkest fantasy. My pussy is tingling at the thought of a perverted man molesting my Hot teen slut. Lucky for my teen she didn’t get my Genes. My tits didn’t grow much but it all worked out for me since I have always been in the field of pleasing p daddies. My little flat-chested nips are what got me everything I have. I always wanted to be a dancer and flaunt my Tight shaved pussy on stage but I also knew my tits wouldn’t get me the attention I deserved… So, I opted to be an escort.

Now that my daughter has fully developed I get to play with my pussy all day from the comfort of my home. That’s because my slut is a stripper who also offers private dances. Guys love using her knockers as a cushion to jerk their cocks between. Lucky for them my princess knows exactly how to use them. She makes her tits glisten in oil, her hard brown nipples and slender physique have made her more than enough to pay off her tuition. You see my girl may be in the sex industry but she does still have plans on doing other things with her life. She is studying to be a sex education teacher. Wow, the boys that she will be teaching are going to be panting. Come fuck my Bald shaved pussy or request to speak with my daughter either way I will be rubbing my cunt.

Mutual masturbation with a horny Oriental cock hungry slut

Mutual masturbationI have a Phone sex addiction! The moment I answer the phone my pussy completely takes over.  My pretty little oriental pussy is into things I wouldn’t have even thought of. Perverts love the things that set my pretty pussy flowing juices. Pervy men who have the sort of thoughts that most would call him sick for; are the kind of filthy things that makes my pussy tingle. I want to hear all about that young slut at Target today who wore nothing but baggy sweatpants and a crop top revealing her pierced belly button. You could tell she was far too young to have her navel pierced but you couldn’t help but wonder if she had panties on underneath her pants. I bet she did have a nice Tight shaved pussy that you p daddy’s cock would have loved to stretch.

Tell me baby it’s okay pervert, it makes my pussy wet to hear the naughty truth. Only if you could have gotten her attention without her parents noticing; you would have slipped her your phone number. In hopes she would call you and you could have your way with her. I have a pretty little princess, as a matter of fact, two who wouldn’t mind having your cock fill their sweet hairless slits with cock juice.

You don’t have to give yourself blue balls perv, I will let my filthy little teen whore talk to you during our Mutual masturbation phonesex session. You and I won’t be the only two masturbating 😉

Bald shaved pussy ready to be hosed down by your hard cock

Bald shaved pussyGuys call me up wondering How to phone sex, lol I used to think they were a total fucking joke. Now, I enjoy having the newbies call my hotline and listen to me rub my bald pussy lips. I can tell when they are inexperienced and haven’t had many sex partners. What excites me even more is when they are older.

The older the better! It’s far more exciting when they can still count the number of sex partners they’ve had using their two hands. It lets me know for certain that I am going to blow your mind and introduce you to a world of wonders. That you have been destining to explore!

Why else did you think they call this a Phone perverts Paradise; this is a place where horny men get what they want and more. Sharing my Erotic sex stories with Catholic men who have always been catholic boys turns me on. I can hear you stutter and fall speechless. Which is something I enjoy, I want to be in control.

You don’t have to talk much. I understand you are shy! Your cock is what brought you here, let me talk to him lol. The only thing I want to hear you say is Oooooo mmmm, I am here for your creamy cum load; hose my Bald shaved pussy down.