Phone perverts Paradise

Cheap phone sexI always wondered if we could bring all the world’s perverts together in one place, what would we call it? Perverts mansion. A place where it’s run by the art of seduction. Where we can fuck in peace and no one bother nor judges us. What is sex without seduction. Like I know if I fuck someone without being seduced hard enough my pussy won’t be as wet as it could be. I want to reach the highest surge of dopamine, giving me the most intense orgasm ever. Reason why I am featured on this site. My voice alone was created to rock your world. My body movements have to distract you from your path. My name alone should blind you mentally to the point where you come crawling to me. Sex isn’t just inserting a nice beautiful veiny cock in a gorgeous wet pussy. Sex is intimacy. Sex is whispering and finding the climax of someone’s dark dirty sex fantasy’s. Sex is best when it’s done with perverts!

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