Tucked Away with You

no limits phone sexAll the madness going on around us only makes me want to tuck away somewhere secluded with only you and the essentials we need for our survival. I love the idea of embracing an apocalypse with a sex fiend like yourself. More importantly, I’d enjoy being the one to tend to your every need. Waking you up with a nice, warm wet blowjob. Who says we can’t go down having the time of our lives? No limits phone sex is for those of us who have no boundaries or restrictions and when you get two people like that together, the possibilities and opportunities of kinky fun are endless. There’s not a thing on this earth that would provoke me to say no to you. You bring out this sex depraved animal in me. As if my thirst for you can never be quenched. Imagine being confined to a cozy location with me and spending hours dining on my juicy little cunt. I love the tickle of your facial hair up against my soft thighs, as you softly titillate my smooth pussy lips with that wet tongue. My hands find their way to the hair on your head and I grip a little harder as if I can’t wait another moment to be fucked by you. Spending time with you makes all the chaos us around us seem far less intimidating.


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