My Niece and Nephew Made the Perverts Very Happy

Kinky Phone SexI was ready for our weekly Friday after lunch fucking when one of my pervert bosses came to me and asked if I had access to any young ones. I thought for a second and told him I had a lovely niece and nephew that they might like. His eyes lit up as I got dressed and went to pick them up. For all this work I expect a fat stack on my desk. I picked them up and brought them back to the office. I carried my niece and held my young nephews’ hand, guiding him up the stairs. The pervert’s eyes got so wide when they saw the sweet little young ones that I had brought. No hair and flat chested just like they like them. I undressed my niece and nephew, leaving them in only their little sesame street panties and told them to run and play. While they hopped all around and my boss’s dicks were bulging out of their pants, we talked bonuses. We agreed on a nice 4-digit amount and as they removed their pants, I slipped those little angels a little something to help them be a bit more cooperative. My bosses used those sweet little things like they use their blowup dolls for hours. I sat back and watched Netflix and counted my cash. They asked if we could do this every Friday and I told them I am sure I can find some new toys for them if they keep on paying me a hefty bonus.

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