Trip to the Country

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf needed some country air. City boys are getting boring. I needed a man. I needed Country Boy. I don’t have to teach him any tricks. He is full of his own. Normally, men my age don’t appreciate my hairy bush or my age, but he isn’t just any boy. He is all man with a seasoned pallet for things that age well. That country air is intoxicating but that is nothing compared to his cock. Long, thick and hard and happy to see me. I tossed off my clothes as I was entering his house. Never need clothes in the country anyway. I started guzzling down that country wood. Biggest cock that has ever been in my mouth, that is for sure. With both hands around his cock, my mouth opened wide to take in that cock I travelled for. I would go to the moon and back for the chance to fuck my country boy. He is man enough to have a stable of beauties. As much as he enjoys a mature mouth on his cock, he wanted to burry his tongue in my hairy pussy. A good cunt licker is worth a road trip. Country boy doesn’t leave a nook or cranny unlicked. Even my rosebud got a huge welcome to the country from his tongue. I started squirting all over his face. He was basking in my love juice. That was just the warm up. His beautiful hard cock gave me what the doctor ordered. I got a man’s cock in my hairy cunt and up my ass. Country boy fucked me like no boy because he is all man. I was happy to clean his dick up from my ass juice. I sucked my stank off his throbbing rod. Spit shined his cock, so the scent of a real woman was erased. Don’t want to make the young girls jelly. I will be back to the country soon. A great fuck is always worth the travel.

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