Be a good pay pig and send

Cheap Phone SexI can’t stand cheap phone sex bastards that don’t know how to financially treat a woman. What the fuck do you think this is?! For your own good, double whatever you’re planning on depositing into my bank account, more is always better! Be a good boy for me and call me your Daddy when you hand over your funds with no remorse. You will literally never be able to taste this pussy, how sad is that! How about this, don’t bother me and just send your cash in silence, your existence is not something that I need to be reminded of. Meanwhile, it’s time for me to get my pussy munched on by a real man while you empty your wallet to keep me satisfied and happy. How does it feel to be an older man and yet you can’t even measure up to the young stallions that I stay fucking every single day?!. Horny perverts have always been weak for me and you are no exception. Now be a good pay pig and give me what you owe. Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite too hard. 😉

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