St. Paddys party

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My friends and I got trashed last st. paddys now, I can’t wait for what is in store for this year’s big day. It is all about the booze and the booty. We got plenty of both, of course.

We dress up in lingerie and make the hottest costumes that will make any hot-blooded man rock hard with a full-on stiffy in their pants.

Drinking and doing some of the devils’ lettuce is how I spend it with my friends. The parties are always quite epic, and I’m part Irish so

I especially love to celebrate. When there’s a big event like this, my friends and I always make fun bets. We like to see who will be the

lucky one to win. Last year’s chance was all about getting cum shots to the ass. Now this year, we are thinking our faces need some creamy

Jizz. Who will be the lucky one to outshine the other it is going to be fun to find out. cum enjoy kinky phone sex tonight.

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