Spoiled Daddy’s Girl

daddy phone sexI’ve always been a spoiled daddy’s girl, for as long as I could remember. Yes, mother told me the way of the world when it came to men. Which I guess meant I got to skip all the rebellion that comes to us girls and our fathers. I’ve always known how to get daddy to give me what I wanted. A little trip down south on my knees, and swallowing like a good girl got me a raise in my weekly allowance just last week. Daddy says if my taste get much more expensive I’m going to have to bend over next time. Which I kind of felt was an offer, in fact I went stopping for some butt plugs. You know the cute kind with the gems on the ends that sparkle. I thought it would look real cute in my ass when I bend over and surprise daddy. I could always use another raise to my allowance, but really I think a warm creampie in my ass is exactly what daddy’s princess needs.

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