Roxanne, You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light

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Listen up boys, Madame Raina has a new favorite whore in town. Miss Roxanne is here to show you what being a pretty PMommy is really all about. Who is this sexy slut I’m showing off? She’s my stripper bitch girlfriend who brings her little angels to work with her. This weekend, they came over to my place to watch the Chiefs and the Bucs eat shit. She would be eating my asshole while her sweet ones licked the candy pre cum from this thick girl dick.

Roxanne rimmed me while I forced her angel’s mouth down and around my massive surprise cock. That little one choked, and it only made me harder. Roxanne came around, and shoved her little one out of the way. “Let Mommy show you.” She told her little slutkins. Then, Roxanne throat fucked herself using my massive cock to choke herself out. It wasn’t long before I knew I needed to cum, but I made my sexy PMommy slut stop.

I wanted to blow my load deep inside the innocent assholes of one of her little sluts. I wanted to stretch, and desecrate that little chocolate cherry. I was going to have my pick of her litter, and make me a new little fuck toy. Want to play with us?

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