Rough me up!

Phone Perverts Paradise

“Fuck me!” I begged as he made a sopping mess out of my needy slutty cunt. I always love good rough sex, it’s best when it’s a little too much. I love that moment when a guy looks at me with concern, as if he’s gone a bit too far, and I open my arms, pull him into my tits and push things even further. I only judge prudence in the bedroom, and I love that moment when a guy realizes there’s nothing but bliss ahead of him. I want more, need more, and I don’t let him think for even a second that he has anywhere to be but in my pussy. I feel his dick pulsing with cum not yet shot, and I buck into him while reaching back to slap my ass so hard the clap echoes and the sting will still be there tomorrow. “Yes!” I scream as he pumps his thick load into my begging pussy. I ride him hard, forcing him deeper so that he can shoot every sperm filled rope of need into my womb. Today, I made another guy realize there’s freedom with me, and I wouldn’t have wanted it otherwise.

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