Phone Perverts Paradise

There’s no place like my pussy, nor any place like my mouth. I’m a paradise for the kinkiest, naughtiest desires a man could ask for and I’m happy to say I proved that yet again today with my cum guzzling lips. I practically drowned in cum, bathed in it despite my fears and begged for more. I think it was an orgy but I’ve chugged so much jizz today I don’t even fully remember, and somehow I find myself still drenched enough to want to accept another call. I hope they’re ready for me, I hope they have lots of depraved needs they’re ashamed to share anywhere else. I want to take their desires, share their enthusiasm, I want to accept them and teach them that paradise isn’t just a nickname for my cunt, it’s a way of life I’m making more real every day. Do I need more, yes, am I going to get more? Well that’s up to the next caller, their throbbing man meat, and their heavy balls so full of seed and need they’re ready to burst and make everything right again. I’m waiting with baited breath and soaked fingers digging into my needy cunt.

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