Daddy Needs Easter eggs!

kinky phone sex It’s Easter morning and your little girl is being sent into your room naked. Mommy told her that Daddy has a special easter surprise under his covers for her. But she has to go in naked! I give her an empty basket and promise her that you have the biggest easter eggs of all time. SHe might have to work for some of the Easter bunnies cream, but I’m sure daddy will help her figure out that part! You wake sleepy as your daughter is naked beside you feeling under the blankets! When her hand wraps around your cock and your eyes adjust you know this mommy sent in her slutkin to make Daddys easter the best one ever! I walk in naked behind her and tell her it’s okay, it’s time she learned that the easter bunny is daddy, and daddy wants her sweet little fertile easter eggs! There is only one way to get them! Daddy has to put his big carrot in her tight bald pussy!

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