Mutual masturbation w/ a p daddy who pretends I am a mini-me

Mutual masturbationMutual masturbation with a horny pervert expressing the urge to fondle his little one always gets me off… It doesn’t matter how many minutes we talk, just hearing you open up about your Dark fetish sends me to climax! Especially when you ask if I wouldn’t mind pretending to be her, addressing you as daddy, and even having me ask for you to lick my bald slit. As we talk dirty you have her panties rubbing against the head of your cock..

Your mouth waters off the first whiff of her used panties.

Hearing you go into deep detail about the taste of her cunnie while licking the crotch of her used panties gives my pussy the tingles. I love the new toy you got me… You always bury it inside of my asshole after you cum inside of me. Then once you have it locked in place you slide your hard cock up my Tight shaved pussy and slam it in while telling me how bad you wish it were your mini-mes! The thought alone of your wrapping her cum filled cunt around your face so you can ensure to get every droplet of cum out of her before mom gets home makes me squirt.

Use me as your cumrag and tell me all of your Deep dark fantasies!

Your hard cock stretches the walls of a Young bald pussy, feeling the ridges of that tight little cunnie gripping your cock always makes you explode within minutes. Daddy always sits me on his lap first and tickles me… without any panties! That’s because he loves edging his cock before bending me over and forcing entry…

In a Phone perverts Paradise, everything goes!

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