Mutual Masturbation Princess

mutual masturbation

The world is so stressful these days, but I can take all of that away from you for a little while. What you need to do to get total relaxation is pick up your phone and give me a call for some mutual masturbation. You tell me what you’d like to talk about while we touch ourselves and we will do it. The good thing about me is that I’m so kinky I can get off to just about anything, so don’t worry about what I need. You just tell me what turns you on and that’s what you’ll get.

Just get your lube and get comfortable on the bed. Wrap your hand around your cock and I’ll do the rest. I can’t wait to reach down between my legs and touch my wet pussy while you are stroking that big, throbbing cock. I love hearing the sounds you make when you are getting more and more excited. Let’s get excited together and then see if we can time it so that we cum together.  I’ll be thinking of you cumming inside one of my holes. What will you be thinking of while we’re masturbating together? I can’t wait to find out.

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