Like My Shoes? Notice The Heel?

fetish phone sexHey baby, get a good look at my new shoes. I got them especially for you. I know how much you love your butt plugs, but I only get the satisfaction of ramming it into you tight ass. With these beauties I can bend you over spread your sweet ass cheeks and then shove the heel deep inside you and fuck you with them. Imagine that baby, you on all fours like the dog you are while I sit back fucking you with my foot. I am laughing just thinking about it. But I bet your teeny tiny cock is getting pretty erect isn’t it? Maybe I will buy you some cute spandex pants with a hole in the ass so I can take your ass whenever I want. We will go shopping and I will take you in the dressing room only to fuck your tight ass. While you moan and leak, I sit back and laugh. Sound like fun? It does too me. So, pick up that phone and let me humiliate you while you get off.

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