More Fun to be the Mistress

I know you would give me your rent money for just one night of this tight wet pussy, and don’t worry I will not tell your wife that you told me my cunt was so much better than hers. For the right amount of money this sexy little vixen will do anything, any where. This week you told your wife you were out of state on business. I mean it wasn’t a complete lie, you were out of state, and you could nickname me business. You took me on a luxury vacation using your family vacation money, and bought me all new clothes for the trip. It was so beautiful I wanted to give you a big thank you daddy, so during a tour, I pulled you aside into a wooded area. It was such a rush kneeling on the grass sucking your cock out in public. It was even more of a rush when I got on all fours, and you slammed it in my ass. I am sure the rest of the group probably heard my moans and were jealous of you. As a wise woman once said I’m not gonna be a wifey, and I am not gonna hold you down. It is way more fun to be the mistress!

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