May I Mistress

Mistress phone sexLook at him on his knees so fucking sexy all naked and buffed. Today he was such a good boy sucking at my pussy making me squirt all over his face several times. He started kissing my heels and then slipped them off giving all his attention to my feet. He bathed each foot with his tongue before sliding up my leg kissing me and softly tickling me. I giggle softly and gasped as made his way to my inner thigh. My legs slowly spread open and he could see I was not wearing any panties. But like the good boy, he is he did not touch my pussy without permission from me. He swapped between my thighs kissing me ever so softly. He was looking up straight at my pussy never taking his eyes off of it. His tongue almost to my pussy and I hear his words. “May I Mistress?” I smiled down on him and pushed the back of his head between my pussy lips.

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