Bad girls get the belt

Hot phonesex

I had an arrangement with a client to pimp out this little blonde cutie next time her parents asked me to babysit her. She was totally untouched, a little virgin I had been saving for the right buyer to come along. She was a stubborn little brat and didn’t want to put out for my client though. She threw a royal tantrum and needed to be punished. I pulled her panties and skirt down and belted her little ass until her cheeks were bright red. Every time I smacked her, I asked her if she was ready to be my slut and cooperate. I beat her until she was in tears and promising to do whatever I told her to do. She sucked his cock and let him fuck her tight little pink pussy without so much as a defiant glance while I stood behind her, belt in hand and ready to punish her some more if she got sassy again.

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