Making him a man

Tight shaved pussy

Whenever I get the chance to give a lesson I am always ready to teach. One of the boys I nannied for was clueless and worried about sex. I peeped his obsession with porn. Most boys his age were already sealing the 2 base deal. I had to tempt him with my tight shaved pussy and make a man out of this boy. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to give him the confidence but I was determined to make him a stud. I first made sure his sisters were fast asleep and I let him watch porn with me. Then I moved on to teaching him how to kiss and feel me up. I had to break his shell a little and be patient with him. Once I moved along to blowing him and letting his work his fingers inside me I opened up pandora box. I knew he was going to be a sex addict. He was already down to fuck. I was enjoying breaking this boy and creating a monster out of him. I knew he was going to pop plenty of cherries in that private  preparatory.

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