Buy Me a House Daddy

Finger fucking other girls in the sorority house all the time got so boring! It was time for a change, and that meant I wanted my own house. Sure I could have found someone to pay my rent every month, but that would have required giving up this tight shaved pussy every month. Honestly that is just too much work I want my own house, one that I own, and I knew just how to get it, like everything else that I want. I gave you a call, and asked how soon you could get away from your wife. You are my favorite sugar daddy because not only do you spoil me, you also have a huge cock. You told me that you would be on a “business trip” that weekend, so I lined up a few nice houses for us to go look at. When we pulled up to a house with a for sale sign on it you were so confused, it was so cute. The real estate agent couldn’t make it, so she gave me the code to get into the fancy ass house. We walked around the house for a little until we got to the kitchen, the negotiating room. I told you that if you were to buy me the house, you could take me in whatever hole you wanted in every single room. I had never let you fuck me in the ass so I could tell the idea excited you, well that and the huge bulge in your pants. You thought it over for a long time because I knew that you were saving up money to buy yourself a bigger house because your wife is pregnant, but ultimately you knew this tight little college girl ass would be well worth the money. You bent me over right there on my new kitchen counter, and pumped into my ass until you filled it up with your cum. Then, we were onto the next room, and the next, and the next.

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