Bedtime Story by Evaline

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Once upon a time there lived the sweetest girl in the world.  Everyone in the village would smile when they saw her.  The women would tell her how pretty she was and wish her a good day.  The men would tell her how much they loved seeing her big tits bounce and how they would love to fuck her.  She would smile back and say, “Maybe someday.” Then skip away.  The men would sigh and wack off to the thought of being her first.  The ladies wouldn’t do anything because they weren’t Lesbians.

As the young girl grew, so did her tits.  Her ass started to fill out, her hips started to widen, and soon she was the curviest Lass in the Kingdom! Many men would beat off to the thought of what had to be the most perfect pussy ever beneath her dress.  They would also think of ways to catch her eye.  Her Father took to escorting her around the village as he knew all too well the magic spell her body could weave over men. 

One day, while her Father was working in the fields the King himself made his way through the village.  There were many men on horseback in front of his Royal Carriage.  She was picking flowers by the side of the road and stopped so she could pay the proper respect by curtsying as the King passed.  However, on this day, his carriage stopped right in front of her.  She wasn’t sure what to do.  He leaned out the window and asked her her name.  She told him.  He told her how beautiful she was, she blushed at his words. He told her that he would send someone for her in the morning, that she would now be part of his Court and would need to leave the village.

She ran to her Father to tell him the exciting news.  Her Father wasn’t as excited as she was.  He forbid it and told her that he would take care of it.  She was disappointed as she had always dreamed of being at Court with all the fine Ladies and Gentlemen, as all girls her age did.  She cried herself to sleep that night.  She awoke to a strange sound coming from the kitchen.  She made her way downstairs as quietly as a mouse.  As she peeked around the corner she saw her Father with the King’s man’s cock in his mouth.  He was sucking away, hard, then slow, this went on for a pretty long time until the King’s man pulled out and shot cum all over her father’s face.

Every day a new King’s man would come to the house to collect her, and every day her Father would turn into a cock whore and suck the man off.  She decided that something had to be done.  She waited until all were asleep and made her way to the road where she would wait until morning and stop the King’s man before he made his way to her home.  As the sun rose she heard the sound of  horses.  She stood up and watched as the King himself made his way down the road to her home.  He stopped when he saw her.

He asked her where her Father was.  She told him, he told her to come with him.  Her heart was racing, what if her Father was taken to be put in irons? She couldn’t live with herself if that happened, as he was only trying to protect his Daughter.  As they stopped in front of her humble home her Father came out of the door, the King turned and pushed the beautiful young girl off the horse.  She fell to the ground with a thud.  The King extended his hand to her Father as by now the stories of his dick sucking skills had become legend.  The girl watched as they rode away together.  Her Father turned to wave good-bye and she never saw him again.

News spread far and wide of the King’s new cock hungry member of the Court.  Now when she went into the village people would pretend they were sucking a huge dick when they walked by and would laugh.  Although her body was perfect nobody longed after her the way they once did.  She eventually became a serving wench at a sleazy road pub where she was paid coin to fuck and suck on anything and every thing that someone wanted. 

The moral of this story? There is none. It is just a story about a cock sucking Father and some dumb bitch who should of learned to suck and fuck long before the King showed up.

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