Subby P-Mommy

hottest phone sex

The hottest phone sex Submissive P-mommy gets in so many predicaments. I have a knack for finding men who want to spread open the cunny of my baby girl and have me toed up watching. But these perverts love to use my sons growing cock and sweet ass as well. I mean I do pass him off as my other daughter just because he is so pretty and has the softest unmarred skin.

Well, I happened on a kinky police officer today who put me in cuffs and shackles as he admired my beautiful pussy he told me that he was going to force my son and daughter to be his naughty little fuckdolls and this mommy was going to be his audience. I began to protest and he stuck his thick ass cock in my mouth to shut me up. His precum was thick and his wideness choked me. My pussy began dripping wetness and I wanted him to fuck me. I didn’t get that instead he put a ball gag in my mouth and began undressing my little son and daughter.

I could not look away as he used those itty bitty assholes making them cry for mommy. Mr. Police man kept going until both of my littles had cum oozing from sweet soft assholes. Only then was my gag removed so he could watch me slurp his cum from my young ones assholes. Can you think of anything naughtier than that?

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