Impregnate me daddy

Impregnation phone sex

I have a Daddy. My Daddy is white. He is not my biological daddy but my pimp. He always call me his slut or his whore and that I belong to him. I have to always walk around with a collar around my neck that says ” My Slut”. He pimps me out and my two little offspring whores. We are not allowed to wear any panties. We must let our bare shaved brown pussy show. Just last night Daddy told me he needs to impregnate me in my  slut hole so I can have his swirl offspring. Then we have to breed these little bitches of ours to become slut whores like their mom. Daddy says they need cum in the bottle and also on my breast while feeding them. It will teach them to always want a man’s cum. That’s right! We are going to breed these little thirsty whores right! If I happen to have boys daddy says they will have to eventually impregnate their sisters. He says we need a whole stable of thorough breed whores. I agree.I am willing to let daddy impregnate me however many times that he wants to. Until I can’t reproduce anymore.

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