Mystery Woman

hottest phone sexI was sitting in the library when I noticed a woman sitting across from me. She had long blond hair and glasses. She was reading a book and twirling a strand of her hair in her fingers.
Her breasts were perky and sitting on the table. The top three buttons were unbuttoned, exposing most of her tits. They looked enormous; they were big enough to be pillows.
My mouth watered as I licked my lips and sat forward. She looked like a good time, one that I wanted to enjoy personally.
So, I stood up then walked across the room to sit by her. She glanced up at me and smiled. I blushed a little nervous, she looked like a super model. She patted the seat next to her so I sat down.
She looked me up and down then asked what I wanted. I told her that I wanted her and she smiled. “Bold move, being so blunt, I like that” she said. As she sat back, another button popped open. I swallowed then asked her how much time she had. She simply said, “enough.”
She stood then took my hand and lead me into the women’s room. She locked the door behind us then started to undress.
As I undressed, she pushed me onto the counter then got down on her knees. She leaned in slowly then stuck her tongue out and started playing with my clit. I moaned in pleasure.
She giggled then took something out of her purse. It was an enormous strap-on! Before I could ask why she had that on her, she strapped it on then stuck the 11-in dildo in my pussy.
I screamed in pleasure, she was in complete control and I loved it. Her titties bounced everywhere as she thrusted in and out of me over and over. It was delicious.
She pounded my pussy so hard that I came almost instantly. My cum squirted all over the her and the bathroom floor. After I finished, she licked my pussy clean then put her strap-on away still covered in my cum.

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