Eggs and Sausage

People always say that youth is wasted on the young but I disagree.

I know that I am young and that I am sexy as hell and I am not wasting it for a minute!

I am living the slutty fetish adventure of a lifetime!

If I want to have every fuck hole in my body to be used as a cum dumpster, I will!

If I want to live out my own gangbang whore fantasy with more hard fuck sticks than any cunt can handle…I will!

If I want to spread my legs and snap photos of my tight shaved pussy and post them for the world to see, guess what….I will!

I know that my tits and ass will not be perfect forever and someday, my cunt might not be so tight and so strong that I can crack an egg in it!

Oh yes!

I can!

I can squeeze an egg with my tight pussy and fry it up in a pan!

Imagine what I can do with a thick piece of sausage like yours!

I love eggs and sausage!

My cunt muscles are so fine that I can jack you off without you even seeing my body move. I am not making this shit up!

You want to know how it works? Call me…it will blow your fucking mind!

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