He Fucked Himself For Me

fetish phone sexWell he came back for another session today. I knew he would be I mean who can resist Bob, my big thick black dildo. I knew he wanted me to use it on him, but I had other things in mind. Today he was going to entertain me by using it on himself. He is a very obedient client so I had no doubt I could have some fun. I told him to get undressed and meet me in the back room on his hands and knees. When I walked in, he immediately laid on his stomach with his ass up in the air. I laughed and told him that was not the plan. I handed him Bob and told him to hold it and suck on it. I wanted to hear him gag. He did exactly as ask and as he gagged, and tears ran from his eyes his cock was rock hard. I think I even saw a stream of pre-cum leaking. I removed Bob from his throat and patted his head. I then handed Bob back and told him to ram that big thick black dildo deep inside his ass. Perfection I tell you. Almost as if he had been practicing this for a while. I sat back, put my legs on his back and masturbated as I watched him annihilate his ass with that big thing.

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