Best Friends Daughter

It was his best friends slutty little cock tease that he craved. He got a glimpse of that Bald shaved pussy and could not stop thinking about her. Her name was Annie and she was a cute young thing. Yeah, she had long red hair and the palest skin. He showed me pictures of her. He had been taking pictures of her as a favor for a special year’s Birthday. I am sure you can guess the sweet age of this little cock treat.

Bald Shaved Pussy

He reached out to me one afternoon. He had just finished doing a shoot with her and came across her pretty little panties. She had just changed into her bikini and there they were right on the bathroom floor. He was hard as could be and had to sniff them. He watched out the winder as she dove into the pool. The whole time he sniffed her panties and called me up to tell me all about this little tease. He wanted her tight pussy so badly. You know I was only fueling his desire the whole call. He accidently came in those panties! Could you even blame him?

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