Massage Surprise

Discreet phone sex


I was hired for a private couples massage, as soon as I got there, they dropped their clothes and were ready. I started massaging the sexy woman she had nice big tits and a juicy fat ass it was getting my dick hard, then I felt the hands on my waist and to my surprise there was a dick poking at me and squeezing my nipples. He whispered that I wasn’t hired for the massage and to take my clothes off and get on my knees, I did as I was told. I licked her pussy and her ass and it had me hard as a rock and I slowly sucked his cock and played with his balls. He then told me he wanted to see me fuck his wife and with my dick leaking I was ready; I stuck my hard cock in her wet dripping cunt and started fucking her hard I could feel her pussy enjoying it. I then felt his hands grab my nipples pinche them and pull them, his hard cock was poking my ass and I just wanted to feel it, he felt it too and spread my ass and plunged his hard cook in there. The harder he fucked me harder my dick when in her it felt great and then I felt him grip my hips hard and his dick start pumping cum in me, that is all I needed and I let my load lose inside her pussy she felt it and it sent her into her own orgasm. They tipped me great and told me they would be getting a massage every month.

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