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Phone sex humiliation

Phone sex humiliation“I’m scared to tell you what I want I just don’t know if I can say it.” He was whining on the phone with me, and I couldn’t help but let out a huge annoyed sigh reminding him “But you don’t have a choice so spit it out.” Eventually, he mumbled he was here for some Phone sex humiliation, causing me to snicker loudly. Like I didn’t actually already know why he was here! Why else would he pick me unless he was a submissive man, looking to be dominated and controlled by a queen? I just wanted to make him suffer by saying it! Asking, or rather begging to be humiliated? Now that’s degrading! I can already tell that this one is a cuck instead of a sissy, and it isn’t long before he’s telling me about how his cock is so small that he’s never made a woman cum in his life and how he is so embarrassed by that! I had all the dirt I needed to get fucked right in front of him laughing about how this man makes me cum and how he never could. Laughing in his face, making him be literally right next to me so he can feel how turned on I am and knowing he could never be the one to do that to me. Or any woman. He was so humiliated, I thought he might cry but instead, he came!

Hot Phonesex

Hot PhonesexTo me, Hot phonesex is having a good boy at my beck and call to use and abuse. The only thing that truly gets me going is being a Dom, the only thing that gets this cunt dripping wet is having all the control. A boys place in life to worship the ground I walk on. I love to make my slave be my personal furniture to dig my heels into. Resting my feet on their back as they kneel on their hands and knees and making sure they know who will always be “that bitch” to me. I love hearing that pathetic thank you as I do whatever I want to their useless bodies. I use all the toys in the world to bring the most pain and humiliation as possible, and I take personal pleasure in seeing juicy big black cock tearing my good slave in two. That pussy ass has never had a cock let alone such a monster dick! It’s my pleasure to watch this take place in my presence.

Fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sexFetish phone sex is for those curious sissy’s needing a mistress like me to train them. They need someone to talk to, someone to take control and dominate them. I am that mistress, and I am always looking to teach a sissy what it’s really like to be a girl. Today I have a special treat for the sissies that are the best behaved, the ones that do what they are told and don’t ever fucking talk back. I got them some BBC to wreck those tight sissy asses. Free of charge of course. Sure, a lot of them are scared but once they really start to get those little asses worked out by a huge fucking nigger cock it will become second nature to them. They will be dressed up, makeup and heels and skirts that are flipped up for their virgin or almost virgin asses to be spread wide open. I can’t wait to see them be split in two and to see them be forced to suck that cock after they’ve been fucked to the point of swallowing all of that black cock sperm. Mmm, such a treat they are in for today!

My Daughter My Submissive Slave

Mistress phone sexThis morning I was cleaning my daughter’s room and she just got a diary and has been writing in it all the time. With her newly developing body lately, I know she’s been doing quite naughty stuff. I couldn’t help but take a peek at what she had been writing. He takes out his riding crop, his needles, knives, and nipple weights. My eyes get big as he brings the crop down on my whole body over and over again. I am bleeding as he attaches the nipples clamps and weights. “Now tell me, whore, tell me you want more pain, beg me to hurt you.” He holds his knife up to my throat and he cuts it a little letting the blood drain down to my nipples. I do as I am told and beg for more. Hopefully sparing myself this time from having something cut off. But not a single ounce of pleasure for me, pure pain, as I am a submissive slave. Here to serve. Just as my mother taught me.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexLook at me I know I’m hot and sexy. I am the ultimate dominatrix for Mistress phone sex. I get off on having all the control and power. It makes my pussy so wet being in charge. This morning I was so horny and I knew just who to call. My pet a sweet boy with his dark brown hair. He is so young and his cock is so rock hard. He’s obedient and he loves to please and always does what he is told. He came over with his tight boxers no shirt and a collar and leash around his neck. “Do you know why you’re here?” I look down at him. He’s on his knees looking up at me so eager to please. “Yes Mistress, I am here at your disposal, I am nothing but a sex slave to you.” I smiled down at him and he knew I was pleased. I grabbed his leash and dragged him towards the bed. I ordered him to clean my cunt, and he went straight to licking. Making sure to clean my juicy ass too. I was ready to be fucked. So I ordered him to get into position and he knew exactly what to do. I straddled his precum covered cock, and started riding his cock. I was so turned on by all the control. Telling him that I owed him. And him begging his mistress to cum. But I always make them wait.

A Boy For Every Fetish

Sissy phone sexMy pets, my slaves, my whores. These young horny fresh cocks that I own. They all worship me, they know their place in this world. I’ve got quite the collection at my beck and call. For every mood I have! The one I beat senseless, to a pulp with my hands and my many torture toys. He is a punching bag for me! The one that I torture. I put weights on his balls and force him to increase the lbs until they’re at their max. He always does what he’s told no matter what form of torture and punishment I may have. I’ve got my sissy, and my cuckold to dress up and have my cuck clean my cunt after my bull has given me a proper fucking. My sexy pet used to be a model and a doctor but he gave it up to be my fuckable pet with a nice collar and leash I lead him around and he stuffs my pussy on command. My slaves that clean me from my head to my toes, my cunt filled with cum and my ass too. They know their place in this world each and every one of them.

My Pussy Melts

Mistress phone sexMy pussy melts as I watch him licking on that cream filled dick. He came to me a few years ago untrained, undisciplined, and not sure where he fits into the BDSM world. I met online he was a newbie at one of the sites. He was not sure if he was a sissy or a sub. He knew he was not dominating in any form. And he wished to have a woman dominate him rather than a man but he still wanted to serve cock. I brought him over to my house and kept him there for two weeks not allowing him to leave. I spent almost every hour with him finding out exactly what he was and exactly what he needed and what was lacking in his sex life. He needs a dominant Mistress to bring him to his sissy knees. He desires to worship one pussy and one pussy only and with that when we are in our sessions he holds nothing back from me. I take complete control and no is not a word he knows with me. And he is not one I need to keep under my thumb all the time. Once I broke him down he became more loyal than a dog. I make him get all my men hard with his mouth and clean my men and me up when we are all done fucking.

Young Submissive Males

Mistress phone sexYoung submissive males love my milf body and fall under my spell. It really is not that hard. Young men are so horny anyway and are looking for sexual guidance anywhere they can get it. It is so easy to make young men do whatever I want. They say they are not gay but I can get them to suck another man’s dick and love it. I turn them into little faggots. They are so eager to please this dominating milf that they fall over themselves to please me in every way. I personally get a soaking wet pussy watching them deep throat the cocks, the drool pouring out of their wet fuck holes in their head as they choke and gag makes me squirt right in my panties,

My Pussy

Fetish phone sexMy pussy was right in front of his face but he did not have permission to touch me. He was panting like a dog I could feel his breath hit my pussy lips. I snapped my fingers giving him the permission he was so patiently waiting for. He parted my lips with his tongue tracing my pussy lips. He moved his mouth to my clit and his fingers to my hole. He was pulling at my clit with his teeth and pushing two fingers deep in my fuck hole. My body started to thrash. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face in my pussy and he knew what I wanted. His face wet with my juices. His fingers pounding in deeply his teeth gnashing at my clit. My body begins to jerk as I squirt all over his face.

Pets Of Mine

Mistress phone sexNever do I allow a man to stand in my presence unless necessary. And some men I never let out of chains. With their cock and balls locked up too. I walk them around like the doggy they are. I have a huge back yard and I often times bring them out there to piss and shit and then spray them down with the cold water from the garden hose. These pets of mine eat from doggie dishes and have doggy beds. I have men I treat as pets and when I leave the house I lock them up in their cages. My pets are good but mischievous when I am not around. lol, I guess all pets are that way in their own little way. My pets are below my submissives, slaves, and sissy boys. I am very strict with them all but my pets get the worst of my discipline.

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