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Good Subby

Submissive phone sexI am so proud of you! You were such a good boy which allows me to be so loving and give you what you are craving. I know you love when I get my Dominatrix friends together and make you the center of our little gathering. Today I invited your favorite Dominatrix to play with you. I know you love it. Today we are going to make you our little cum dumpster. You were so excited your dick was hard as a rock. You jumped on the table and got on all fours. “I am ready for your abuse.” You say with such glee in your voice. The look of happiness on your face speaks volumes. My girls and I are just as happy to use your subby body.

Bad Little Boi

I stand in front of you my whip in my hand. I watch you as you perform for me. My heel tapping on the floor. You were a very bad boi this morning and your punishment has just begun. I am a loving Mistress into you piss me off then my sadistic side comes out. You thought you were a sneaky smarty pants, didn’t you? Well, I caught you red-handed touching your dick when I did not give you such permission. You thought you were hidden well but not well enough. When I came walking around the corner and saw you with your dick in your hand I was pissed off. I dragged your ass across the floor and locked your dick up. You want to be a disobedient bitch? Now you get to deal with me. I whip you hard tearing up your ass and back making your flesh tear open and bleed. You scream for mercy and I make you beg for more instead. I laugh at your cries and my pussy soaks from watching your blood drip down your back. Now I command you onto the rubber dildo and you will fuck yourself into you make your own ass bleed.Sissy phone sex

Cuckold Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex My caller starts with “So I have never told anyone this before but what I really want today is some cuckold phone sex” his voice gets quiet as he waits for my response…I am smiling as this is my specialty. “Oh my little wimpy cuck, I can definitely pop that cherry for you. You must call me princess, goddess or mistress at all times however because quite frankly you and your measly cock isn’t even worth my presence.” He whimpers and I hear a sigh of satisfaction from him as he replies with “Yes Princess”. “I am glad we have an understanding, especially since you must pay for even the privilege to talk to a girl like me, doesn’t that make you feel so pathetic? Only cucks have to pay to talk to a woman – cucks with small little dicks” I make him agree to everything I say, I make him repeat after me in talking about how unworthy he is, unable to fuck me. Cucks only watch, so watch me get fucked by a real man and know you’d never get this opportunity. just pathetic!!!

Loving Mistress For A Good Boy

Mistress phone sex I shove my lovely pussy inches away from your face. You smell my aroma. Your tongue finds the way to my pussy lips. You were such a good boy today. And I am so proud of you. I gave you a rough fucking with my strap on. And you took every moment of it. You relishing in my cruelty and begged me for more. As sadistic as I am I can be just as loving when it comes to good boys like you. Go ahead you have earned the right to munch on my pussy. Face fuck my pussy and I will give you my gift of squirting all over your face for the complete obedience you showed me today. I allow you to have complete control with your mouth and devour my beautiful pussy. You grind on me. Your face buried deep between my wet lips. I moan clamping my thighs around your head. Your tongue fucking my hole. Your fingers vibrating my clit. I can feel you nibbling and biting. You make my body tremble in pleasure. I grab on tightly to the pillow feeling my pussy explodes in your face. I hear you groan. You keep face fucking my pussy making me explode again in your face. I hear you asking permission to cum and I freely give you that permission. I watch you cum and fall back on the bed. I lean in softly to kiss you. I whisper into your hear “good boy Mistress is proud of you.”


Sissy phone sexI take my belt and brush against your ass. I love staring at your helpless body. I walk around you admiring your beauty. I take the belt and strike your ass with it one, two, three times. I can hear your whimpers and moans mixed together. I strike you again with more force this time. Again one, two, three times. You squirm around but with every movement, you feel the pain of your restraints. Your ass has some sweet red marks on it. I rub your ass softly feeling the heat come off your flesh. I drop the belt and I get on my 8-inch strap-on. I stand behind you and slowly spread your ass cheeks. Looking down at your sweet asshole I move the strap on to your open hole and press in completely dry. Your ass opens up like a pussy for a dick. I work my way into your ass making you take every inch. I pick up the belt with one hand and grab your hair with the other. I start riding you like a fucking horse. Pulling hard on your hair and striking your back over and over. Taking complete control of your body.

Delicious Sweet Pussy

Sissy phone sexDo you want to take a taste of my delicious sweet pussy? Do you want me to be pleased by your tongue and fingers? Do you want your Mistress to squirt all over your bitch face? I want that too! So come here and trace my pussy lips with your tongue. Play with my clit and smother your face in my pussy. I want my pussy juices all over your face when you come up for air. I want to squirt at least three times before you are done pleasuring my pussy with your mouth and fingers. I am going to wrap my legs around your head and squeeze tightly! Make me cum and squirt. Give me my pleasure you sweet sissy bitch boy of mine.

Little Dick Prick

Fetish phone sex A small dick prick emailed me the other day wanting my humiliation for having such a worthless thing swinging between his legs. He sent along a picture of this little fucking thing. No bigger than my pinky. The smallest dick I ever did see! I passed that pic and email to my domme friends. They were laughing and just as shocked as I was. Some of my domme friends even had thought I photoshop it but I did not. I wrote this little pecker back and let him know I have a group of domme friends and big black men with BBC all willing to humiliate him and use him as the fuck toy for an evening. He emailed me right back and he was totally on board. I set it up for tonight and I can’t wait to humiliate him live on the internet.