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May I Mistress

Mistress phone sexLook at him on his knees so fucking sexy all naked and buffed. Today he was such a good boy sucking at my pussy making me squirt all over his face several times. He started kissing my heels and then slipped them off giving all his attention to my feet. He bathed each foot with his tongue before sliding up my leg kissing me and softly tickling me. I giggle softly and gasped as made his way to my inner thigh. My legs slowly spread open and he could see I was not wearing any panties. But like the good boy, he is he did not touch my pussy without permission from me. He swapped between my thighs kissing me ever so softly. He was looking up straight at my pussy never taking his eyes off of it. His tongue almost to my pussy and I hear his words. “May I Mistress?” I smiled down on him and pushed the back of his head between my pussy lips.

Do Not Cum

Mistress phone sexI sit there with my fingers pleasing my pussy. I am watching you trying your hardest not to cum. You thought I wouldn’t catch you playing with your dick without my permission. But I did catch you! Your dick belongs to me. You should have learned that lesson by now but I guess you need a refresher course. Now you want to cum and you can’t. If you cum I will whip you and we both know you don’t want that. I yell for you to get pumped faster and I yell at you to not dare cum. I love that look of anguish in your face. I love the way your body squirms on the table. The begs and pleads coming out of your mouth are like angels singing in the heavens. You can’t help it you explode all over the place.  I see the shame and fear on your face as you see me walk over and grab the whip.  I know you feel the need to test your limits as a sissy but maybe now you will think twice on it.

BDSM Submission

Mistress phone sexI have known Brett for twenty years ever since our college days. We both got into the BDSM world about the same time. We are both dominates and have a lot in common in the way we teach our submissives and slaves. We have been saying for years how we would like to take turns dominating each other just once to see if we could enjoy submitting. Finally, after all these years we are taking the plunge. As a woman, I get to have him as my submissive this week and next week is his turn. Our limits were he had no limits with each other. Which secretly I think it makes it sexier. I had my sissy men strip him down bare ass naked. I could see Brett was embarrassed being naked in front of my sissy men. And I found my pussy getting wet watching him squirm in discomfort. I gave them the task of getting him hard for me. Brett has never been with men before I wanted to see how he would react to his first gay act. He didn’t want my sissies to touch him but I gave him no choice. But once he started getting his hand job and blow job he really got into it and loved it. I was shocked by that but then he did something I never saw coming. He begged for the dick in his ass.

Bratty Submissives

Mistress phone sex Richie thinks he is so clever but I see right thru his tantrums. Richie is one of my submissives and is very well behaved. I know the only reason he throws his tantrums is that he is a pain slut. He gets super rock hard when I take him over my knee pull down his pants and spank his ass like the bad little boy he is acting like. I don’t mind playing along with his antics. I enjoy giving pain to my submissives. I pull down his pants and put him over my knee. I take my hairbrush and start wailing on his ass as hard as I can. He is whining and crying but I can feel his dick on my leg growing. I turned his white ass into a pretty bright red. His precum was making a mess on my leg. Lol, he is really enjoying this but I wasn’t done having my fun either. I took the brush and sodomize his ass with it. I fucked him over my knee with that brush in his tight asshole into he exploded all over the floor.

Rhonda Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sexWith my little four-inch dick Mistress Blanche has turned me into Rhonda sissy bitch. She has turned me into a bitch even giving me boobs. Next, she says my little stick needs to be chopped off. I would be better off as a girl because I am no man she says. I don’t want my dick cut off but she is right it is worthless little thing. I have never even had sex with a woman with my dick. I have sucked on yummy pussy with my mouth but never with my dick. Mistress Blanche has me wearing full girl outfits. Wearing makeup and even calls me Rhonda sissy bitch. Mistress Blanche loves to embarrass me. Making sure she humiliates me in front of family and strangers alike. She even made me write this blog knowing how embarrassed I would be telling you all what a bitch she is turning me turning into.

Sissy Boy Rhonda

Fetish phone sexTara is another domme bitch friend of mine. She has been on the bdsm circuit for a few years. She started out as a subbie slave and soon realized her nitch was not taking orders from men but training and disciplining sissy boys. I took her under my wing teaching all that I could. My sissy boy Rhonda is Tara’s favorite sissy boy of mine to have her way with. She has been smitten with him ever since she put on her first strap on and fucked him in the ass. She loved the power it gave her. She knew then she could never go back to being a subbie slave again. She fucks Rhonda often under my guidance. And every time a teach a bit more so one day she can have her one sissy boy Rhonda.

Mistress Mommy Blanche

Kinky Phone SexCome suck on my tittie. Come get your milk from mommy blanche. You are such a good little boy and deserve to be rewarded. I am overwhelmed by your loyalty. The way you worship your dear Mistress mommy turns me on in ways I could never explain to you. But I can show you by giving into your kink that drives you wild. I want you to cum for me. But not just cum I want you to explode, to see stars, and to almost pass out before my feet. You finish your drink from my mommy titties and I push the top of your head to my delicious pussy. “Lick my pet and please mommy in that special way you rock my world.” You suckle and bite and I moan and squirm. You don ‘t even noticed the yummy big black man walking up behind you with his hard dick. He grabs a hold of your ass and spreads you apart. You realize what is happening and is so excited. You love bbc! He plunged his huge dick with no lube all the way in your ass. just the way you like it.

Sweet Loving Sissy Boy

Kinky Phone SexI watch as you give my tranny friend such pleasure. You are such a loving, sweet, good sissy boy that it turns me on so much. I like to satisfy your kinks because you satisfy mine. I demand complete control and you are not a stupid brat about it. When I get my way I am such a loving domme and want to give you what you desire. I asked you what you wanted for being such a good boy and you said a fuck date with a tranny to be their little sissy boy whore. And I arranged it with one of my very good tranny friends. She loves a good bitch boy to suck on her cock and make her feel so good. I watch you please her and she lets you cum over and over. I fuck myself with my fingers loving the live porno my bitch and tranny friend is starring in.

Favorite Boi

Fetish phone sex You are my favorite boi and I think you know that. You are so obedient so loving and so attentive to each and every one of my needs. Only good boi’s like you get to cum as I give you a special treat of giving me sweet oral sex. I stand tall above you. Looking down at you on your knees brings a smile to my face. You are a beautiful site to see. I spread my legs, I take my hand and put it on the back of your head. I push into my pussy. Awe your tongue separates my pussy lips. I tilt my head back and give you free will to please me over and over. And like a good boi you do.

Good Subby

Submissive phone sexI am so proud of you! You were such a good boy which allows me to be so loving and give you what you are craving. I know you love when I get my Dominatrix friends together and make you the center of our little gathering. Today I invited your favorite Dominatrix to play with you. I know you love it. Today we are going to make you our little cum dumpster. You were so excited your dick was hard as a rock. You jumped on the table and got on all fours. “I am ready for your abuse.” You say with such glee in your voice. The look of happiness on your face speaks volumes. My girls and I are just as happy to use your subby body.

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