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Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex“Mistress? May I speak?” My slave looks up at me from the ground he is on, where he belongs. All my slaves stay on the ground unless otherwise ordered differently. They must know their place at all times, and just as this one has done, they must ask permission to speak. I nod my head once, and he begins. “Will you please fuck my ass?” I laugh at him, “Absolutely not, you have not earned that privilege.” He knows what to do, I don’t even need to say it. He goes straight to kissing my feet and cleaning them with his mouth. I bring him to the bathroom to clean my ass, then I force him to clean the toilet while I watch. His tiny pathetic dick is already hard, he loves doing this shit. Of course, he loves being humiliated! He’s unworthy of anything less, and now he can lube up my strap on with his mouth, just in time to shove it into that tight waiting ass of his. Just what he wanted so badly.

Enema phone sex

Enema phone sexDo you think I am here to make you laugh? Do you think I am here to make you cum? No no no I am going to make you cry, my little bitch. You’ve never cried like this before, and do you know what your punishment will be today? Enema phone sex and you can’t escape it or hide from me!!! You might try to run for me but I am ready, this is your punishment enema. I will corner you, make you go into my bathroom, locking the door behind me. You are a total coward, wincing beneath my stare. What are you doing you, stupid bitch? Get all these clothes off, strip yourself naked like a good boy. Do you see that big and bulging enema bag over there? Do you think that’s all you’re getting??? No no no I have only just started in my extreme enema fetish. I love forcing you to have this punishment, teasing and taunting you about this big black nozzle that is bigger than any butt plug you could possibly handle! I get you ready, you hear me lube it up slowly as you bend over. Your tight little shit hole is resisting me but I am lubing it up with my finger, just a start of some cramping for you in my extreme punishment for you.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexMistress phone sex for my little submissive slaves. I love having a hot pet on hand to clean my pussy, to be my toilet, to be a fucking piece of furniture! I don’t care what I do to this stupid slave. They are going to get what they deserve like it or not. I am purely superior to them and he has no idea that he’s got another thing coming. Another thing coming meaning I have a nice meaty strap on that I am going to force him to take. I am going to make him suck it like a good boy and he is going to cry and whine as I choke him on it. Making him gag and gag as I get it wet and juicy for his ass. I make him submit to me, but him in his pathetic place which is below me. He is to grovel at my fight, never speak unless ordered to do so, not allowed to cum without permission and may absolutely never say no to me! I will forever be the dominate goddess I was born to be.

Phone sex Humiliation

Phone sex humiliationTimidly, he asked me if I did Phone sex humiliation, and I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing! I told him he must not know a thing about me, I could have invented the pure definition of humiliation. I am the queen of mean a true fucking goddess ready to put each and every pathetic sub in their place where they belong. I love being in charge, I get off on laughing at a tiny oversized clit that they think is worthy to be called a cock! Ha! That is too funny to me, and I will make you watch as a real man goes to town on this prime pussy. I only let alpha males that are hung as they can be fucking this premium pussy! Laughing about how you’ll never get a woman like me laughing that you are worth nothing but to amuse me, something to make me laugh, someone to degrade. You’re nothing and you never will be! I am a queen, and I know exactly what I am talking about.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexYou’ve finally found me, your Mistress, your Goddess, your Queen. You are nothing to me, pathetic, a peasant, as low as the dirt I walk on. Men’s place in life is to kneel on the ground women like me walk on, and worship with the most devotion you’ve ever seen. I get off on making you hurt, my pussy is creamy as I watch you get fucked. You like big black cock almost as much as me, it seems. I love to see a nice forced gangbanged, arranged by me and I love to join with my foot-long strap on. I love to put weights on those balls, use toilet play as punishment and parade a pansy pussy around in public with a leash and collar. I am in control, I’ve always been this way, and I will forever get my way. If you resist, it’ll only make it worse for you! If I were you, I’d be careful what you wish for.

Orgy fantasies

Orgy fantasies The only Orgy fantasies I participate in are the ones that involve a pathetic cuckold watching these real man cocks destroy my holes. All their cocks are huge, superior, a real man cock. Their sizes range from 10-14inches. I’m only taking big meat sticks, the biggest and best of the best. The cuck has a tiny pathetic dick but he gets his tiny dickie hard watching my mouth be fucked, my ass gaping and my pussy filled over and over with warm hot sticky cum my favorite treat of all. Only a good cuck will be treated at the end of my orgy. The one who gets to eat all these loads that have been stuffed into my horny cunt. That’s the closest you’d ever get to my juicy pussy, the best it gets for you.

Fantasy phone sex Blanche

Fantasy phone sexYou think it’s just Fantasy phone sex, but in all reality, I am prepping you for the real thing. My sadistic imagination and cold calculated choices are only grooming my submissive men. On the phone he talks about how he wants to worship my feet, lick them and crawl on the very ground I walk on and I allow him the privilege. This pussy is soaking wet making you whimper and whine in pain and embarrassment. I’ve got a big black nigger cock a whole huge monster ready to rip that ass open as my pussy aches watching it. I love the humiliation, it makes me so turned on to be the one in control, forever and always. Begging for mercy, it means nothing to me. Honestly I could care less! Cry cry cry because once he’s done fucking your ass and mouth he will get to fuck me and if you’re a very good bitch boy you’ll get to clean out all this hot and sticky cum like all good little bitches should. Are you going to be a good boy for me tonight?

Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts ParadiseWelcome to Phone perverts Paradise! A place your wildest fantasies and biggest wishes come true. Forever, you’ve searched for the perfect person to gain command of you. You’ve always wanted to be the submissive one, never enjoyed pretending to be an alpha male. You might have a wife, and an amazing career but yet you’re still unfulfilled. That’s where I come in! A true goddess, a master of domination, humiliation and pain. You never knew what was missing until you met me. You read all about me in my bio, the thought of my pussy getting juicy and wet as I cause the utmost pain and humiliation has your cock growing and growing. But it’ll never be big enough for me! I will end up forcing you to take the biggest cocks I can find, as I laugh in your face at your torment and torture. No need to pretend with me, I take what I want, and give out punishments like it’s nothing. You’ll never be ready for me, and that’s what turns you on the most.

Anal phone sex

Anal phone sexToday I have a story for you! It’s all about some Anal phone sex, but it’s not me who’s getting my ass stuffed and stretched out. That ass is going to be in every way imaginable, destroyed. I am a Mistress, not some silly sub that will bow down and do anything. I get off so much on being in control, I love humiliating my pet. I want my loser slave to feel degraded, put in his place, and to understand that if he wants to cum with me he has to be a very good boy. This boy knew exactly what I wanted, and came to me ready with his ass in the air ready to be spread wide open with my strap-on. A good boy would suck that cock and get it ready, nice and juicy for that tight little hole. I rub the head on his lips and he is obedient and takes it down his throat. Mmm, you can tell he’s done this before. I finish fucking his pathetic mouth and move to his waiting shithole. I don’t take it slow and easy, I plunge my strap on all the way in and he gasps and stifles a scream. God, I love a submissive ass, I love fucking them till they beg for mercy, and beg to blow their load. He isn’t allowed to touch his cock, and he doesn’t need to. He will cum without it, just from me pounding his little ass. He begs me to let him cum, he is whimpering like a sad puppy, whiny and desperate. At last, I permit him to blow his load and as he cums I dive deeper than ever into his tight ass. He screams and cums from pain and ecstasy and I follow suit, as the one who made it all happen.

Porn for masturbation

Porn for masturbationI’ve got my sissy’s all lined up! I’m making Porn for masturbation for other sissy’s to see! So they know that when they come to me they will be getting 100% taken advantage of. I can’t really imagine a sissy jerking off since they really just are girls with oversized clits. But apparently, they’ve figured out how to do it! And that’s why I’ve got my hotshot lawyer gagged like a pig. My model in heels, a cock cage, and giant butt plug in his tight little ass. And my practically famous doctor with a leash and collar on, crawling around worshipping the ground I walk on. We can’t forget about my furniture. Everything you rest your ass or feet on is a sissy bitch. These are the ones I don’t even talk to. I can’t fathom acknowledging their existence! They’re even are toilet sissy’s that I use all the time. I don’t buy toilet paper anymore because they are such good ass and pussy cleaners. Now for my special sissy movie.

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